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1.darnelljason12 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:47 am

AOL has been part of the world of email since 1985, and is known worldwide as a free email service. The range of features it offers its users, such as an un-send email feature, calendar, AIM panel, and so on, makes it preferable among all generations. The 250 GB mailbox size is among this email client's best highlights. Most of the features are similar for AOL account premium and standard models. Some other characteristics of AOL mail Login service are:

* This enables a 25 MB file to be attached in a single email.
* Allows to bind a 25 MB file to a single email address.
* It offers 1000 new and 4000 old messages as storage capacity.
* There are advanced security features to protect against hacking your account.
* It supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP and.
* It also provides the ability to auto-correct and test spells.

Follow the steps below to log in to your account once you have successfully created an AOL account:

* Launch any browser on your computer and go to AOL's official website.
* Tap on the button ' Login / Join.'
* Then enter your credentials, i.e. password and username.
* Tap the' Sign Up ' button and you'll be able to access your account afterwards.

That was all about how to AOL login in and use your AOL password, but that's not the story's conclusion. Logging into your AOL account doesn't look so easy. There can be factors that may create issues in accessing emails like : AOL .

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