The FFXIV "Moogle Treasure Trove" goes until the next patch

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Final Fantasy XIV again rolls Moogle Treasure Trove, accompanying an event that gives players the opportunity to receive unique incentives until the next major patch arrives here.
The Moogle Treasure Trove is a repeating project in Final Fantasy XIV that allows players to participate in quests and raids on tombstones. Tomestones are stackable things that can only be collected during the event and can be exchanged and installed for an event-exclusive device.

A recurring event called "The Hunt for the Law" offers players the opportunity to create "Irregular Tombstones of the Law" - the special currency of the event.

Players can participate in the event by navigating the Tasks section of the game interface. This is evident from the presence of a Moogle symbol in the Duty Finder log.

Team oriented event
However, the events are designed so that they can be played in teams due to the nature of the jobs. Together, celebrations that are too small or not synchronized with the level are not entitled to the gravestones being compensated at the end of each “duty”.

Describe the following to find out what incentive each task offers for each degree:

The Praetorium (Dungeon Lv. 50).
Compensate: 10 gravestones of the law.

The Orbonne Monastery (raid Lv. 70).
Reward: 7 gravestones of the law.

Castrum Meridianum (dungeon Lv. 50).
Reward: 7 gravestones of the law.

The Ridoranna lighthouse (raid Lv. 70).
Compensation: 6 gravestones of the law.

The royal city of Rabanastre (raid Lv. 70).
Reward: 5 gravestones of the law.

Aurum Vale (Lv. 47 Dungeon).
Award: 5 Tomestones of Law.

Hidden Gorge (Lv. 30 PvP).
Award: 5 Tomestones of Law.

Cutters Cry (Lv. 38 Dungeon).
Reward: 4 gravestones of the law.

Sunken Temple of Qarn (Lv. 35 Dungeon).
Award: 3 Tomestones of Law.

The stone vigil (dungeon Lv. 41).
Award: 3 Tomestones of Law.

Dzaemel Darkhold (Lung 44 Dungeon).
Award: 3 Tomestones of Law.

Eyes on the price (the prices).
Although one opportunity brought everyone out, this is more true for the ordinary gear collectors in the game. Those who would like to attend this event are qualified to purchase an unusual Mameshiba handkerchief - a mainly visual accessory that mixes both a pet and a handkerchief at a price of 100 headstones.

Other notable rewards that must be claimed throughout the event are installations, particularly Ixion, Reveling Kamuy and Demonic Lanner. This, along with 2 orchestral roles, namely Rise of the White Raven and Unspoken. And ssegold ffixiv gil help a lot of fans enjoy the game much better.

Finally, players could also claim a pair of Qiqirn jewelry and some A Realm Reborn riding cards.

A detailed list of products purchased throughout the event can be found on Square Enix's main website.

In the meantime, players have until the beginning of July 2020 to look forward to the entire project.

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