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Hey guys,

I was just thinking how many elements this game has borrowed from ancient China, but also how many are completely different from it. Actually AOWD caught my eye because I've been practicing traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Chan philosophy and medical applications for 3 years now and I thought (and still think) it is very amusing to play. However, some assets of the game kinda disturb the folk-lore element hidden in it. So, I'd like to see if any Oriental fans like me have anything to suggest in order to give people a better idea of ancient China.
FIRST IDEA: In the Tavern, you may drink wine and eat meat for game-boosting bonuses. However, it is forbidden for a Buddhist to perform either action. So, why not change wine and meat to tea and rice?

I'm looking forward to hearing your answers. Please tell me whether you agree or not and feel free to add anything you like!
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