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NokSuKow here sounding off to my Itto-Ryu Brothers and Sisters.
I want to take time to thank everyone staying active our guild has grown and we now have a Camp!
Big thanks To
Vice Coran
Councillor Ichi
Councillor SkyDevil

Itto-Ryu Guild Laws
1. 20,000 Silver Everyday
(Do Sacred Artifacts,This is easy)
2. Members who are inactive for 7 days without informing guild leadership will leave the Guild.
3. Have The Guilds back.
+Take Itto-Ryu Apprentices
+Double Train/Team Practice together
+Do your Guild Quests
+Play With Each other
Each One, Teach One...

Next Order of business:
Itto-Ryu needs to grow in size...
If everyone donates Daily and we all knock out our 10 Guild Quest we should be good the Pavilion is almost fully leveled
We now have Jade Boxes for Guild Swag.
You can also upgrade Base HP, Attack, Crit reduction at level 14 which is forever.

Good luck, hit me up if you see me in game. And please, please... feel free to ask questions post here and chop it up with other players...
Each One, Teach One

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