BloodLotus US-S4 Recruiting!

1.Hoitem » Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:52 pm

Wanna be on the top and still have a good time?

Then you should join BloodLotus!
We are currently duelling with another top guild for the top 1 spot in US-S4 server!

So far we have occupied one of the top raid titles aswell as being the undefeated champions in guild war!

As for requirements our minimum is 100k+ power to keep up with our pace, as well as dedication and activity :).

We use the phone app called "Line" to keep the whole guild updated of events and such and for general chatting out of the game.

Interested in joining us? Feel free to message me on line: ID: hoitem
or us ingame: Hoitem(Vice), xZeke(Leader), mrd18(Vice)
IGN: Hoitem
Server: US-S4 Shaolin
Guild: BloodLotus vice leader
Line ID: hoitem
Feel free to contact me on Line if you got questions ingame ;) :D

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