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1.Steven » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:45 am

Have you been jumping around from guild to guild :?:? Wanting to kill bosses or go instances but unable to go because no one online or no one invite you to the team in AoWD? Do you have a family, career or hobby that takes up a lot of your time and leaves your gaming time limited but you still want to experience all you can in a game when you play?

Well, <TheFury> is for you! We are an up and coming guild. A group of good friends who decided to move on from a large mutli gaming guild and focus on AoWD only. A group of friends who cherish community, friendship and enjoy the game together! We will share the experience together and get stronger together!

We are looking for good hearted people who want to build friendships, and kill raid bosses or go instances together when we get the chance to. ;)

Most of us have difference hobbies but we all have one thing in common. We love this game and we love the way that AoWD look like, the skills, the activities in game. :)

We want people who are willing to help build an amazing community and amazing Guild!

<TheFury> is recruiting actives members :D . We understand that people have lives, we understand you can not be in game everyday :( . But try your best to play the game and kill raid bosses or instances together and no worry you will never lose a raid spot, and you will always be part of a group of friends first, not a Guild looking for stronger people to join! :P

If this sounds like something you may be looking for give us a shout or cmt below

you can contact me.

Come be part of a great group of people. :) we look forward to hearing from you! :D
When the game is OBT then we can join <TheFury> ;)

:arrow: <TheFury> 1. friendship; peaceful harmony.
2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.

2.Steven » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:46 am

<TheFury> is welcome evryone! :D
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