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Dear brothers of Jianghu!

Today I want to introduce about my guild PhongThan - Server Sea 6 Fork

Be know as senior former member in the top of SunMoon Guild at server CA-S1, since the launch of Guild War mode due to different time zone which make we had many difficulties in every event. So two members are MinhPhong and BachNgocDuong decided rebuilding guild at the Sea 6 by the name PhongThan - The gathering of sacred warriors.

Hinh anh sau chien thang War Guild.jpg
Hinh anh sau chien thang War Guild.jpg (151.12 KiB) Viewed 1808 times

With experience in the development and management at SunMoon Guild, oMinhAnho - Guild Leader PhongThan (MinhPhong - Guild Leader SunMoon) and Duonglang - Vice Leader PhongThan ( BachNgocDuong - Vice Leader SunMoon) have built PhongThan guild real fast. And until now our guild always get 1st position in Sea 6 about: power, war guild,... We have a strict discipline similar to military discipline in which all guys must implement. Because of in the opinion of the managers of guild, the power of guild come from teamwork between members not rely on the power of any individual. ¾ member of PhongThan on top 100 power.

Bang xep hang Bang top 1.jpg
Bang xep hang Bang top 1.jpg (118.54 KiB) Viewed 1808 times

Despite PhongThan being created by the Vietnamese, but we have nearly half the members from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia,... we talk by both languages: English and Vietnamese. However we have some difficulties language barrier but we really still sympathize deeply with each others.
There are many former enemy members before joining PhongThan Guild, but after entering the guild they saw everyone similar to brothers always friendly, united, sharing, help each other in the hunting boss event and understand where the power of coming from PhongThan.

Let’s say about the achievements of outstanding individual in Phong Than guild example: oMinhAnho (top 2 Wudang), Duonglang (top 1 Tangmen), Soulkeeper (top 2 Royal Guards), Butterfly (top 1 Emei), rapatiganas (top 2 Shaolin),… And 6/10 members in the top 10 power in server.

Though we haven't member in top 1 and 2 but as my point: in AoWD no one is superman so PhongThan always towards a strong united community. With united spirit, 100% members always implement the commands of the guild leader so oMinhAnho have led PhongThan on the victory way, we already had the victory for 9 running weeks in War Guild.

In addition to Phong Than also received credibility of the entire sever while all 5 members in Phong Than have been voted becoming grandmaster: oMinhAnho (Wudang), ChiNhuoc (Emei), dexmaniac (Tangmen), rapatiganas (Shaolin), BlueStar (Royal Guards).

CM 5 phai.jpg
CM 5 phai.jpg (162.11 KiB) Viewed 1808 times

With slogan:"If you wanna feel the taste of victory, PhongThan will bring that feeling for you"

oMinhAnho - Guild Leader of PhongThan
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2.oMinhAnho » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:36 am

Some picture activity of PhongThan

Victory for 9 running weeks in War Guild

Giu 9 tuan War Guild.jpg
Giu 9 tuan War Guild.jpg (117.1 KiB) Viewed 1797 times

Hunting Tyrant with PhongThan

San boss cung bang.jpg
San boss cung bang.jpg (165.18 KiB) Viewed 1797 times


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