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Romance is in the air, and with the announcement of the new Red Chamber update and the new marriage system, it's time to let your true feelings out with our new Love Poem Contest!

The idea is simple - write a short poem about love in Age of Wushu Dynasty, and submit it to the community either on our Forum or as a comment on our Facebook event post. Our favorite submissions will be collected and made into a graphic, and the community will vote for their favorite!

[Event Rules]

Players should submit a short poem - at least 2 lines and no more than a paragraph - on the theme of "Love in Jianghu". They can be any form of poetry - a couplet, a limerick, a haiku, even free verse. Here are some examples for refernce:


    When the blades go flying o'erhead
    I fear not pain nor death, instead,
    I see the dance of shining steel
    And dream to tell her how I feel.


    Emei, so pretty
    I wonder if she sees me
    Here, in the bushes


    Roses are red,
    Jianghu is scary,
    I like your face,
    How 'bout we marry?

[Submission Rules]

Players may submit their poems by one of two methods:

Post on our submission forum thread HERE: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=965
Post in the comments of our event post on Facebook HERE:

Submissions should have the poem, as well as your In-game Name and Server to be considered valid.

[Reward Details]

All valid submissions will receive a participation reward. Based on the submissions, our community team will choose several of our favorites to be made into graphics and uploaded to an album on Facebook. The community will cast their votes through Liking, Commenting on, and Sharing their favorite pictures. The community to 2 favorites will receive a grand prize.

    Participation Reward: 500x Pawn Tickets, 20x Pawn Tokens, 5x Jade Chests, 5x Jade Keys
    Grand Prize: Outfts - Blue Immortal Gown -or - Darksteel Umbrella


[Event Period]

Submission period will be available from June 3rd to June 14th. Voting will take place from June 15th to the 20th. Winners will be announced on the 21st.
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