Tangman skills lagghish and bugged

1.xardus » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:38 pm

both with viper sting and divine wind all animations has a delay,when a skill end theres a 0.5 second of delay where cant do anything,its more evident in pvp where u see ppl do everything faster ,i did all tests with 30 or less ping so no lag

also i noticed that against wudang using thaichi sword or snow sword ,viper sting's stun last for 1.5 second and divine wind last less than a second,when for example i cast serpent tounge that should have 3 sec stun,i have just the time to switch skills and use Dancing phonix and the stun brokes before i can use any skill,or aften serpent tounge i cant do more than 2 basic attacks before the stun breaks

also often serpent tounge dsnt work and theres no "fail" message that indicate a resist just simply it dsnt apply but the wudy takes dmg,same thing with divins wind's root and parry,of course i used mount hua that level down all difference in custmizations and so on
i dont know if are the sword skills bugged or wudang has something different compared to all other classes ,but its strange see that all first top 9 are chars using only those two skills,and not others stronger like jade skills

also they are the only skills that can throw u in the air even if u have full rage
its since 3.0 that i see my skills are slower but with last update its worst than ever

2.xardus » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:19 pm

already just noticed that all wudy i fight against can parry whyle are thrown to air much before they hit the ground,on tangman cant parry untill hit the ground and watch a nice animation where the char stand up slowly,then u can press skills
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