Wanderers Valley skillset bug (UPDATED/TESTED)

1.YellowFlash » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:26 am

Wanderers valley skill bugs (tested)
1. Basic attack stops.
When using basic attack repeatedly it pauses for 1 sec. Then it resumes its suppose to be continous. When countering and using basic attack it doesnt work accurately and using basic attack does not give malice points . basic doesnt follow up right away after using counter in order to perform combo. The skill animations global Cd is also a bit slower than on Aowd cn versiom

2. Counter attack
When countering an attack target is supposs to dash to meet there enemy . E.g countering someones overt and reducing there rage state to 0 knocks them up and character is supposed to dash towards them character sometimes dashes the other direction.

3. Malice (set stackable buff)
Breaking npc or players parry sometimes fails to give the malice buff to character. ( applying and maintaining this buff is also difficult especially in pvp at least increase the duration time.Malice doesnt always apply to character.

I have installed the age of wushu dynasty cn version and tested the skillset so i can 100% guarante that these bugs are real and its not just me. Especially the basic atttack as explained in 1 above, its not suppose to stop when using it its suppose to be continuous but theres a pausse on the american version of the game please fix these bugs.
These bugs really troublesome i cant counter and use basic attack as a combo because the character does not direct himself in the right position .

Compared to other school sets like emei beggar and wudang who can repeatedly stun, knock up and spam there basic attack properly because it isnt bugged wanderers valley is really lacking and should really be buffed. You guys worked so hard creating this school and right now its so bad that on 10% of people joined and most of them are lowbies in there 40s-50s.

2.HolyNight » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:15 am


Dear Player. Thank you for your report. We have notice the issue and recorded your report here. Then we will send to our technicians and develop group asap. Hope they will check and test more about that and once confirmedbring any improvement or adjustment. Appreciate for your hard working and trust.

Best regards.
AOWD Support Team
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4.Thomasmathis » Sat Jun 20, 2020 10:57 am

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