made 1 million power but went down 6000 power » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:08 pm


I have an an account in US-S18 Yanmen Pass line 1 character name Yiyang. I had made 1,000,180 power recently when I am together with my pet eagle and somehow the power went down to 994,500. On my guild profile now you could also see 1,000,180 power under my name, however I am not sure if the power will change or not tomorrow when it will reset to show the change of the lower power. When I made 1 million power you could also see I had received rewards for reaching 1 million power. I also got rewards for spending 5,000 gold. When I opened one of the rewards, I found I had high level treasure so, I upgraded in the treasures and moved a few treasures around. However when I finished I noticed my power went down. So I moved all the treasures back as it was before but my power is still down. Since I upgraded treasure, my power should be higher not lower. No, I did not change martial arts, equipment, pet, skill, or title and alcohol does not affect that much power. I also remember there was a loading or connection problem. It took a while. There might be missing data and I did not get all the element attribute materials back when I disassemble the treasures. The materials which refine and increase the levels of treasures and also increased the power. It is when I finished the treasures that’s when I noticed the power decrease from 1,000,180 power to 994,500. After that I continued playing and up my power as much as possible from 994,500 to 997,153 now. And if I continued playing at this rate, I will probably surpass 1 million power again. However, I would like get back the lost power if it is possible. Please help me.

Thank you,


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