Avast UI Failed to Load (AV service is not responding)

1.jackryan » Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:55 am

My work area PC is running Avast Free AntiVirus under Microsoft Windows 10. Anyway the Avast programming Failed to load and failed to run effectively Windows startup.
This issue happened yesterday,
Can anybody from the avast forum community help me out with this technical issue ?

Thanks in advance,

Avast UI failed to load.png
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2.ErrorsDoc » Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:07 am

In the wake of refreshing Avast when you restart your PC and attempt to dispatch Avast, you may get this mistake on restart : 'avast ui fail to load'. This is truly humiliating. AV Service isn't reacting.' The error exchange offers 'Exit' and 'Restart Service' catches.

In the event that leaving or restarting the Antivirus administration doesn't help, here is the manner by which you can fix this so that Avast UI opens without demonstrating any issue.
Fix Avast's mistake 'UI Failed to load.AV Service isn't reacting'

1. Open Run discourse and type services.msc and press enter
2. In the Services Console, discover 'Remote Desktop Services',
3. Double tap and set its Startup Type to 'Automatic' and guarantee administration is running, click 'Start' for that.

After Restart, when you dispatch Avast, its UI loads without indicating the error you got already.

I hope above method solve your problem, if you face this issue again then click on this. https://www.errorsdoc.com/software/how- ... oad-error/

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