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WooDang Man wrote: Welcome Beta Testers!

This Forum is designed specifically for the posting of Bug Reports from the Beta Tests for Age of Wushu Dynasty. We’d like feedback from you about problems you encounter in the game so that we can work to make Age of Wushu Dynasty the best game we possibly can!

Examples of Bug Reports include, but are not limited to:

    Graphic Errors
    Spelling or Grammer Mistakes in Text
    Unclear / Inaccurate Descriptions
    Unresponsive Functions
    Unexpected Game Crashing
    Any Irregular or Unexpected Problems

Based on your feedback, we’ll work to improve the game, and to thank you for your support, we’re offering rewards for useful and actionable Bug Reports! These rewards will be made available to the original/earliest post based on our judgment. Types of bugs and rewards can be found below:

BUG Importance Contrast and Corresponding Reward

    1) Detrimental to Game Play: Taking advantage of bug or vulnerability to gain gold or items, causes the game client to crash abnormally, or the loss of game data leading to game imbalances.
    Rewards: 1000 Gold

    2) Hinders Game Play:The quest can’t show or process normally, or activated functions acting inappropriately.
    Reward: 200 Gold

    3) Wrong Description or Tips: Any text based error found in our User Interface, Feature Introductions, Function Descriptions, or other Display Errors.
    Reward: 50 Gold

    4) Suggestions:According to the importance of the suggestion.
    Reward: 50-1000 Gold

If the bug or vulnerability affect the game process, please offer relevant information, a screenshot when possible, and anything else (including the device version that you use) to help us verify the details and fix the problem as soon as possible.

For crashing or issues with opening the application, you can also contact our team at
SupportUSA@snailgame.net to get further technical assistance on the issue.

Be sure to include your In-game Name in the post. Thanks everyone, and good luck in Jianghu!
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