1.Beanstalk » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:14 pm

Hi Snail.

School raid is not working. There was no pop-up to show that Raid started. But it did appear on 'Daily', however clicking the raid button prompts a response of "School Raid is unavailable now".

Many players rushed home or login-ed promptly at 7pm for this on a Sunday. By no means it should be a coding error after the update or a glitch, but time has still been wasted. Please fix it before the next.... occurrence.

AND COME ON THAT SPELLING ERROR IN Arena isn't changing itself. "MANNUAL" is spelt with a single 'N'. MANUAL MANUAL MANUAL.

2.Beanstalk » Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:57 pm

Okay as this was posted much earlier, things have changed.

Apparently with the update, it seems that your timers for different parts of the game have gone haywire since it must have been set wrongly, possibly if there was daylight savings or something at work.

So to summarise:
Guild War came on time (20:00)
School Raid came an hour late (20:00 instead of 19:00) -There was server notice to it, but it could not be accessed via 'Daily'. One had to use Scrollkeeper (after 20:00) to get to the school raid, and i doubt many people knew of that.
Kidnap came on time (20:00) as per server notice. BUT IT DID NOT WORK. Nothing to kidnap. NO offline players anywhere. SO TECHNICALLY IT DIDN'T COME.
Tyrants came on time (20:00).

Hopefully this will be resolved before the next commencement.
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