World Challengers Bug

1.SatThuSiTinh » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:02 pm

Since the Royal Guard update, there is a bug on World Challenger and it's getting so annoying that I can't stand it anymore.
The first person who deal the first damage is the owner of the boss. However, when the boss almost die, it changes the owner to someone else. Happen to me every time. I was the owner of the boss, when boss is about 5% HP or less, then bam, the owner change from me to someone else, and that person got the loot. Note that boss did not reset and boss HP did not recover to 100%. Simply the owner just change.
Before if I got to own the boss, people just leave. Now, they stay and fight, hoping they can steal the boss, and somehow, they succeed every time.
Snail need to fix this ASAP.

2.random » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:53 pm

oh and dont forget the part when u can break him with taichi sword out the room and he loses the owner, its done a lot by douchebags and mentally retarded people who cant accept a loss.
they should fix it in a way that or he can be pushed all over the place, or he cant be thrown out his main room but not changing owner because of range.
yeah Snail's fix this you are getting slow.... free guides? right.
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