Post 4.0.0 update chinese seems to be the default language

1.WudangWarrior » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:39 am

After clicking the update button in the iOS store I seem to have a copy of the app in chinese that converts in to english after load of a screen, was this intended?

Things I have noticed post update:
- splash screen loads with the age of wushu logo in chinese characters and never changes
- instead of seeing the "Welcome back <game centre username>!" game centre message I see <chinese characters here> <game centre username>!"
- screens seem to load in chinese and then convert to english after a second or two
- some NPCs now speak in chinese (sound files when initiating chat) an example is the wudang spy coordinator

This isn't game breaking or anything, just querying as it seems like odd behaviour that didn't occur pre-update :)


2.HolyNight » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:45 am


Dear Player. Thank you for your contact. There we need some screenshots to confirm the issue you find. So if it happens again please send us an email to with screenshots and some description. It will be great help for our job. Thank you so much for your support and attention.

Best regards.
AOWD Support Team
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