[Master Guide] The Ultimate AWOD Guide To Progression!

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The Ultimate Leveling Guide

Age of Wushu Dynasty is a sandbox pvp MMO at its heart. There's a lot to do, but ultimately, like any mmo, it boils down to being the best. This guide will give you a quick path to going from young apprentice to powerful master. A lot of choices are yours to make, but hopefully this guide can steer you away from the various pitfalls.

Table of Contents
1. Which Class?
2. The First 30
3. Should I buy Gold??
4. How else to get gold
5. Intro to gear
6. Oh! Treasure!
7. Enhancing gear
8. The Pawn Shop
9. Inners and Martials
10. Levels 30-45
11. Refinement
12. Divine Weapons
13. The Grind is Real (45-MAX)

1. Which Class?
Currently there are 5 different classes in Age of Wushu Dynasty, each with its own unique style and benefits.
*It is important to remember that once you create a character, any investment you put into it DOES NOT TRANSFER, time nor money, so before you open your wallet- be sure you are playing a class you like. I recommend getting through a few days or so of play beforehand just to be sure.*
Now here's a quick and dirty list of the benefits and drawbacks of each class.

Wudang students primarily use swords, and very often only swords. This makes levelling easier as you only have 1 weapon to upgrade and likely both martial skills will benefit from your inners. Wudang start with Tia Chi Sword, a skill set with a powerful heal and at later levels, a charging feint attack. Also, most of the skills, including the basic overt, have a knock up effect- very powerful in PVP. This countered by having low damage compared to other sets. Other skills Wudang commonly use are Mt Hua Sword and Snow Sword.

Tangmen are very dangerous. With thier base set, Viper's Sting, using a single dagger, they have an overt that stuns and a super hard hitting feint ability. Between these two, many pvp matches against a unaware opponent can end with the other player unable to act at all. Gearing is pretty easy, with most Tangmen only using their School set and matching inners. All in all a fun school to play.

Royal Guard
Royal Guards are some of the hardest hitting folks out there. Starting off, they have a strong area damage overt that allows the player to move. They also have a root effect, a stunning parry, AND their school inner boosts knuckle damage! Because of this, most RGs will also pick up Devil's Palm- another long range set, this one with a heal, increasing utility. Lastly, Royal Guard's school mental is one of the strongest in the game, increasing damage dealt as you hit until you reach devastating numbers. The high damage and mobility makes the Royal Guard a very forgiving class to play with decent pvp understanding. A very strong school overall.

Emei are the all female school focusing on twin daggers. Thier base set, Departing Sting, is fairly solid later in the game. With decent AOE damage and a stun, Emei can control a fight well. The biggest draw to Emei though is the abilty to use multiple mental abilities with more ease than other schools. While I've never played one, I've lost to plenty! Emei often use just their school set and occassionally Mt Hua Sword or Snow Sword, as their Jianghu Inner buffs sword damage as well. The strongest pairing though, in my opinion, is with Immortal Touch- a set that can almost perma-silence an opponent, giving the Emei even more control. While far from the easiest to play, the Emei is a capable martial artist.

Shaolin are the all-male staff wielding school. Sadly, their school set, Ruthless Staff, is pretty terrible, with less reach and damage than Royal Guard's and no controlling abilities. However, they can be quite strong later and can opt to use Blades as well due to thier Jianghu Inner buffing blade damage. Most Shaolin will end up using 30 Trigrams Staff once they have access to it because of the faster attack speed and multiple stun effects. All in all, a difficult school to choose, and not for the faint of heart.

That wraps up the class write-ups! I hope that it helped you with your decision and REMEMBER! Before you put money in, be sure to give the class a couple days to see if it's worth it.

2. The First 30
This portion of the guide, if done properly, should get the new player from the first level to around 30 after a day or two of play. As you start, the best thing to do is the story quests one after another as you can, using any and all vigor pills you recieve to get through it all. As you level, lots of diffenent aspects of the game will open up, but for now, just focus on getting through as much of the story as possible. Once you are out of vigor, or stuck needing to level up before you can do another main quest, is when we focus on other aspects. Usually the first pause will be at 14- the point where 'Story Mission' and 'Jianghu Daily' open, as well as the 'Tavern'.

Story Missions
Story missions are repeatable missions that will give xp, silver, and other loot. There are two types, easy and hard- each giving certain prizes for different numbers of stars in a chapter. Hard missions will give you your school's Master Internal shards, with a total of 50 after you complete through Hard Chapter 3 with 3 stars each. The number of stars you get is based on the time it takes you, with 3 stars being a completion under 2min, 2 stars for over 2 minutes, and I dunno how you only get 1 star- it's never happened to me. The base number of times a chapter can be repeated is 5 times, although this increases to 10 with the Profit King purchase (more on that later).
Each successful try will cost 8 vigor, while failing will cost you none. A good tactic for difficult chapters is to fight until 2min and if you go over, let the boss time out or die to avoid getting only 2 stars. After you've completed a story, you can auto loot it!

Jianghu Daily
The Jianghu Daily is a counter from 0 to 100 of the actions you've completed in the day. Every 20 points, you get a new loot box, containing chests, activity shards, and vigor pills. Events all give 5 points each, although there is a limit to how many times they count to the total points. For example, Story Missions only counts twice, so you only get 10 points total from it. Also, some events have caps on the number of times you can do them in a day. Each event has a nifty counter as well to keep track of how many times you've completed it.
The UI is broken into 3 sections, All Day, Time Limit, and PVP, accessable from tabs on the right side. All Day events can be done all day long, while Time Limit events are only avaliable certain times of the day. PVP is obviously player vs player combat, with both all day and time limited events.
Overall, to get the most you can out of a day, you should aim to cap everything you can, not just the amount that gets you points toward 100.

The Tavern is another source of vigor that opens up at 14, and gives a total of 100 extra vigor a day, 25 avaliable all day and 25 more at 3 different 2 hour intervals throughout the day. Don't miss any if you can help it!
Also, the tavern gives you a day long buff from alcohol, with the first 2 drinks being free and subsequent costing gold. You can only have 1 of the buffs at a time, so if your second drink gives you a stronger one, replace the first by pressing 'replace'. Remember that Crit is worth 2x the number shown, so if you get 250 parry penetration and then 150 Crit, the 150 Crit is better.

-- Now you should have eaten and done some story missions and gotten to level 15!--

Wulin Arena
The Wulin Arena is the first PVP event you have access to, and has its own special currency, another first. Wulin Arena is auto-battle only, and every character on server is ranked.
The main rewards from Wulin are jade treasures and Weapon Designs- more on that later. Each fight gives silver and a bit of cultivation, but no xp- and there is an end of day reward given at 10pm- which is shown under your character on the menu.
On top of all of that, Wulin Arena gives gold as you rank up, so be sure to do it! Although, if you dont, you still get the end of day reward, so you can skip a day if you want without getting behind.

Trials are quick missions you can do by yourself (which you will mostly until level 45) or with a group. Each type of trial has its own reward, and 3 different trials per type, opening at 15, 35, and 45. The level 45 trials grant a LOT more rewards than the previous ones- so remember to do the highest ones you can. Also, trials are only avaliable on certain days of the week- so be mindful.
There are 5 types of trials: Silver, XP, Enhance, Treasure, and Darkstone. Silver is avaliable every day, and you can do each type 3 times a day, so do it!

Ok, so this one doesn't have a level requirement, but until this point, you are usually busy. But now is the time to start meeting people! Just click on the tab that says 'Recommend' (it's the thumbs up one) and go down the list. Having friends gives you rewards, and you can send 2 vigor back and forth between each other with 15 different people every day. That's another 30 vigor! Also, your friends will show up on your lobby invite list, making it easier to put a group together for trials and adventures.

Your guild will either make or break your experience in Age of Wushu Dynasty. A good, active, talkative guild will help you progress as a player, while a silent one will make everything feel more daunting.
Getting into a guild is easy, just click 'Guild List' and the the list of guilds will pop up, ranked from strongest to not. Apply to as many of the top ones as you can, although don't be discouraged if you aren't accepted by the best or even the fifth best. A lot of times, they have level and power requirements, so just try at another time when your stronger. Or settle with a newer guild to start and move up later.
Guilds have lots of benefits, although I wont go into them all here. Just know that they give a stat boost, vigor, and if they are good enough, gold every day!

--Ok! So now you've made friends and joined a guild and got to level 16 or so!--

Legends are bosses you can fight in the world that are summoned by killing the minions in the area (usually 80). Legends can be fought 20 times a day, and will automatically start again after you kill the first. This allows you to just auto-battle them as long as your game is open, so I recommend doing this while sleeping or other things- just make sure your phone is charging! After an hour or 2, you will be finished and have a load of silver, xp, darkstone, and treasure related items. Also, the first 4 times you kill one, you get 5 points toward Jianghu Daily.

--So, your done with the legend and have done even more story and main quests. Welcome to 17!--

You now have access to your school, where you can see your rank in the school. Donating daily, paeticipating in wars and raids, and doing spy and patrol missions all give you reputation, allowing you to increase your rank. Each rank gives a reward upon achieving, and a daily reward, as well as boosts stats.
Also, later on, you can vote on who is Grand Master, or even be elected yourself!

Spy and Patrol Missions
Spy and Patrols are the main way to get scroll fragments of the sets and inners for your school. You can do each 5 times a day, with each giving you 2 bags that contain set fragments, treasure stones, or skill pills.
They also give another currency, School Contribution, which can be used to buy fragments. Between both, it's 100 contribution a day, or enough to buy 5 fragments used to upgrade your skills. Do every day to keep your skills up to date!

--Bam! 20! Man you're getting far now! You've done so much and more things are unlocking! Great job!--

School Raid/Defense
Here's another chance to to earn 50 more School Contribution and reputation, and get a chance to get other school's skill fragments! But they happen between 7pm and 8pm server time, so don't forget!
Raids and defenses can be done 5 times a day, 6 days a week. 4 days you will be raiding, and 2 you will be defending. Get a scroll and return it to claim your reward.
Between this and spy/patrol missions, we're up to 1000 contribution a week! That's 50 skill fragments!

Kidnapping is one of the few ways to get gold in the game- so be sure to do it. Although usually you will need to be sneaky or other players will kill you and take your victim. Kidnapping can be done 8 times, happens between 8pm and 9pm, with victims respawning after a minute or so (although any players not kidnapped will stay on the map until midnight).
Each kidnap turn in averages around 3-4 gold, so be sure to do it!

Endless Dungeon
The Endless Dungeon is another great souce of silver, skill shards, dark stone, and cultivation. Complete levels as you can and Auto Loot every day. Auto looting lets you loot every level you've beaten so far, so stay current with it!

Sky Arena
This is the real PVP boys! Sky Arena has a rating system that goes up and down as you win and lose, gives lots of rewards, even gold! But you can face anyone, even a level 70 when you're just 20, so don't expect to be an arena master any time soon.
Sky Arena does have its benefits though! Play once a week to get a rating, which will net you 20 gold every day as well as 1 Prestige, the Sky Arena currency. At the end of the week you will get a prize based on your rank! The top 25 get 80 gold and 28 prestige, ranks 26-50 70g/24p, 51-100 65g/20p, 101-200 60g/16p. Depending on your server, you should get into the top 200 just fine.
Later on as you level, and can win against other players more often than lose, you can grind rank and Prestige. Prestige is used to buy Arcane treasure shards and smelting stones, which we will talk about later.
Just remember when starting- once a week to get the rewards!

Jianghu Adventure
These are the group instances in AOWD, and they reward all kinds of things. Most important though is Prowess, which can be used to buy Jianghu Inner and Set fragments.
The first one you open will be Twilight Village (Easy) which will give you 1 Prowess and possibly skill fragments or enhancement pieces.
Later on as you get stronger, you will open more adventures. You can do each one 2x, and a total of 8 (10 if you got Profit King) times a day.
The MOST important thing about Adventures is Prowess, try and get as much as you can every day to get as strong as possible.

--Wow! Look at you! You're getting into it now. Clearing stories and adventures! And now even more stuff has opened up!--

This is open sparring to fight friends, guildies, or random folks. No rewards, but can be good practice!

Team Practice
Team practice gives decent XP and Cultivation for vigor (5 vigor every practice, max of 25 a day).
Team Practice is held twice a day, 11:30am-1:30pm and then 5:30-9:30pm. Personally, I think it's pointless as story missions are a better way to spend your vigor because they give similar XP and Cultivation but also give Silver, gear enhancement pieces, and equipment shards. My recommendation is to ignore Team Practice, although it's not HORRIBLE, just not optimal for progression.

Tyrants are bosses that spawn twice a day, once at noon and once at 6pm. At first you will probably die fighting them, but as you level up and get stronger, they get easier. More than likely you'll be in a group when you fight one, and when they die, your damage will be ranked.
Rank 1 will get you special scroll fragments that are very rare, while all other ranks only get skill pills, silver, dark stone, and cultivation.
Still a good idea to fight them, and a great way to do something with the guild!

Team Battlefield
This is a Timed PVP Event that gives Honor if you win or lose. It happens twice a day, at 12-1:30pm and again at 9-10:30pm and can only be completed 3 times a day.
Wins will get you 30 Honor, losses only 10. The prizes avaliable are gear enhancement pieces, costing 20 Honor each.
Do Team Battlefield every day to grind Honor! You'll probably lose at first, but it's worth it.

Demon's Challenge
Ahhh, level 28! Getting close now. Demon's challenges let you fight tough bosses that drop gear enhancement materials. You can fight them with a group or by yourself in a solo challenge.
Avaliable 3 times in a day, you initiate a Demon's Challenge by using a token. It will spawn a lantern. Click and go!

--AND WE MADE IT! 30! Whether it took you 2 days or just 1, it doesn't matter. You're officially a Jianghu citizen! Just 2 more daily activities to talk about before we move on.--

School War
School Wars are scheduled through the week and your school will fight another for glory! Well, for Master Inner fragments, school rep, and smelting stones! Win or lose you get a prize, and you can join any battle going on, but cannot change sides durring.
School Wars start at 8:30pm and last til the attacker wins or until 9pm. Sometimes there will be two Wars going on in a day and you can join both. If a strong school is attacking a weak school, join that war- win, and then join the other. Just remember not to leave early or no reward! Do every chance you get to progress quickly.

School Quest
The last school activity, this one can be done twice a day, gives silver, XP, 3 work kit fragments, and 1 School Set fragment. Not much to say, its just a 15 part chain quest that takes ~10min to do. Do it daily.

--And thats that! Level 30! Good job. Here's some final tips before we move on.--

*Spend Vigor doing story missions! Complete Hard Chapters for Master Inner Fragments and better loot!

*Spy/patrol/raid/defend/quest every day for School Contribution, rep, and frags. 1000 a week gets you 50 fragments plus whatever other rewards you earned.

*Sky Arena once a week for daily and weekly gold and prowess reward.

*Do all the Adventures you can! Pay attention to power requirements for them and do the hardest ones possible.

*Do trials (solo to start) every day for lots of rewards. Same thing with demon challenges.

*Wulin Arena as you feel, do it once to get a daily reward. Do it more for more loot. Eventually you can buy jade treasure!

*Kidnap every day for gold.

*Dont forget to challenge and auto loot the endless dungeon!

3. Should I buy Gold?
Spending money is always something to consider, and while you can progress reasonably without spending a dime, there are benefits to spending money. If you do decide to, here is my list of recommended purchases and the benefits of them.

Profit King
Profit King, $50 USD, gives you 9000 gold in total (although you only get top up 2000 reward). But, even more important is it lets you do each story mission 10 times in a day instead of 5- very important for grinding gear enhancements. It also lets you do 2 more Jianghu Adventures a day, bringing you to 10. Overall, I consider it the best/most important purchase.

Season Cards
Avaliable in 1 month (300g, 80g a day- 3,000g for $10), 3 month (600g, 100g a day- 9,600 for $20) and year (2,000g, 120g a day- 45,800 for $65!!) you get a daily stipend of gold. Easily the most gold for your money. Since you can only have 1 active card, I recommend the 90 day card for $20- just incase you quit the game. But Profit King is better, as the cards dont apply toward Top Up reward benefits.

Top Up/First Top Up
Your first top up gets you 3x the amount you purchase. Spend $100, get 4,000 gold + 8,000 bonus. I recommend this AFTER everything else.

4. How Else to get gold
Age of Wushu Dynasty gives you a chance to make gold regardless of if you spend real money. Quite a bit of gold, actually! Here's all the ways off the top of my head.

*Monthly Login: logging in every day in a month will net you 280g a month.
*Weekly Event: Most week long events give 100g each, thats 400g a month.
*Kidnapping averages 30g a day! 900 a month.
*Sky Arena gives 20 a day and 55 a week, base! 820g a month.
*Being in a guild that raids gives 20g a day minimum, 600g a month.
*Winning in PVP gives cards that sometimes give 10g. I average 20g a day with light pvp. 600g a month.
*Silver, gold, and jade chests have a chance to give gold. 5g a day average. 150 a month.

Altogether that's 3750g a month for free! Not bad. You also get gold rewarded for levelling, although it's one time only.

5. Intro to Gear
Gear is not as important as you'd think in Jianghu, the set of gold gear you start with being 'good enough' while you work on collecting a gold set. I dont recommend Jade, neither set nor non-set as it's more costly to level. Your progression should look something like this:
starter gold ->replace with set gold individually -> full set gold -> replace all at once with full set jade

Important things to note are:
*a full set of gold (7 matching pieces, like [Frosty] or [Alakid]) gives you a HUGE attack and hp bonus.
*A Jade set gives a similar bonus, again with 7 matching pieces equipped.
*Set Jade lvl 45 gear is stronger than Set Gold level 65.
*Set gear has a chance to fail when upgrading, so be prepared!

That about wraps it up for gear itself. Oh- and remember, never spend gold on Dark Stone or 'Level XX Upgrade Packs'. You'll get plenty while levelling. Work kits, like looms or work benches are ok.

6. Oh! Treasure!
Treasure is probably the 2nd most important part of your gear, giving huge stat bonuses. Each piece of gear can hold 5 different treasure types, totalling to 35 pieces in all.
Not all treasure is created equal though. Vessels (hp) give the most power, followed by Shards (attack). The rest give small increases. As gear levels up and is enhanced, the bonuses treasure gives unlock.
I recommend raising all treasure to level 30 to start, then vessels to 50, then shards to 50, then the 3 others to 40. Then again, shards and vessels to 60, others to 45. Then 65 shards and vessels, 50 others. 70 shards and vessels, and then finally the rest to 70, going up by 5 level increments until all are 70.
Different tiers of treasure exist and are important to take note of. Here they are:
*Jade set (Kirin, Soul, Dazzling): these are super rare/expensive. Do not plan on having them unless you plan on spending $. These require 7/7 enhancement to activate fully. Drops from: Jade chests, top up rewards, pawn shop.
*Jade non-set (Peak, Frost, Dragon): These are powerful, and not impossible to get. Its very likely you'll have a few by the time you hit 60, if not 1 whole set. Fully activated by 6/6 enhance. Drops from: Wulin arena, gold spent events, the pawn shop, jade chests.
*Arcane set (gold): Best treasure before jade. Get it. 5/5 enhance to fully unlock, and easily farmed from Sky Arena and pawn shop in 'shards' that take 5 to make a piece. You also get some of it for free!
*Radiant set: Better in set than individual pieces of gold (such as Dark). Even easier to farm than Arcane, 2 full sets or more can drop from the level 35 legend every day. Fully activates at 4/4 enhance.

All other treasure should just hold place until you can get one of these sets. And remember to Legend every day to level treasure fast!

7. Enhancing Gear
So far I've mentioned enhancing gear a LOT. It is likely the largest gear-based upgrade you can make. Gear is enhanced by using Cloth, Ingots, and Gems. The base of these are hiaxang cloth, pearls, and pupil ingots. All other upgrades of these are synthesized from these base types. Here's some numbers you should know.
**Golden Note: All of your initial gold should go toward buying this stuff. It's the biggest increase you get at this stage.**
For a full set of gear, there are 5 cloth upgrades, 5 gem upgrades, and 4 ingot upgrades.

*1/1 for each pieace costs 5 and 5. For a full set, that's 25 pearls, 25 cloth, and 20 ingots. (Total: 25,25,20)
*2/2 costs 10 of each. (Total: 75,75,60)
*3/3 cost 20 (175,175,100)
*4/4 cost 40 (375,375,260)
*5/5 cost 80 (775,775,680)
*6/6 cost 160 (1575,1575,1320)

Everything past this point has a fail chance. Results may vary.
Please note it is best to upgrade ALL pieces to a level. This means you should raise everything to 1, then 2, and so on. It doesn't need to be all at once, just dont let one piece get to 6/6 while the rest are 1/1. Also, getting everything to 4/4 for radiant treasure activation and then 5/5 for arcane should be the plan.
**Golden note! Enhancement materials are by FAR the best way to spend your gold. Everything else is a waste**

8. The Pawn Shop
The lady of the Pawn Shop is a cruel mistress. She will torment you more than anything else in the game. And here's why.

Pawn tickets are hard to come by at first. Unless you are lucky enough to get a Mt Hua day that offers an ancient skill (feral staff, dragon claw, tia chi fist), getting pawn tickets will be difficult. These pawn tickets are gotten by selling gold or better gear, and skill scroll fragments. My suggestion is to sell EVERYTHING that you don't need immediately. This includes your student fragments rewarded from completing Story missions with 3 stars on easy. Only keep your school set, school master inner, and Jianghu inners. Everything else must go. Any second sets can be gotten AFTER you get to a tidy surplus of tickets.

Alright- so that's what you sell in the pawn shop, now what do you buy? Thats easy! Prioritize gold set gear shards first, then your Jianghu inner fragments, then enhance and work kit items like pearls/cloth/ingots and loom/chopping block/workbench fragments, then a jade set, and lastly your second skill set fragments. Skill pills are also a fairly good investment. NEVER BUY CULTIVATION, SILVER, OR DARK STONE WITH PAWN TICKETS. It's a waste, you'll have plenty later.
Your goal should be to get all of the Jianghu inner fragments, enhance bits, and gold set (pick one and only buy that kind) you see. Eventually you can buy other things as needed, but start with these. It will pay off in the long run.

9. Inner Skills and Martial Sets
These are your abilities. Your Martial Set is the set of attacks you use, while your Inner skills are passive buffs. Each School has its own set of Inners and its own Martial Set you start with. As you progress you can get more, but when starting off, heres what you need to remember.
*You should spend any prowess you get on your Jianghu inner that MATCHES YOUR WEAPON TYPE. Here's a list:
Wudang - Ice Pact
Emei - Ice Pact
Royal Guard - Poison Toad
Shaolin - Poison Toad OR Sunset
Tangmen - Red Blade
*You get your school Master Internal Skill by ~75k power through completing Hard story chapters 1-3. Do not upgrade the student or apprentice inners
*All initial School Contribution should be spent on your school Martial set.
*Prioritze Prowess in Jianghu Adventures to keep on top of levelling your Jianghu Inner.
*Here's how mant fragments you'll need for each Echelon!

Echelon 1 |10 | Requires Skill Level 10
Echelon 2 |20 | Req 20
Echelon 3 |60 | Req 30
Echelon 4 |80 | Req 40
Echelon 5 |100| Req 50
Echelon 6 |120| Req 55
Echelon 7 |150| Req 60
Echelon 8 |180| Req 70

Follow this and you SHOULD be able to, or close to able to, keep on top of upgrading all 3 as soon as possible.

10. Levels 30-45
This part of levelling will be the most painful portion of the whole experience. There are so many traps for the new player to fall into. The whole experience will be a test of your resolve. I will point out what I can so you know what to expect and what to avoid. Let's get started.

*So, you beat chapter 3 on hard with 21 stars! Now you have your school's inner! But wait- it starts at level 1 and you don't have enough silver or cultivation to raise it to your level. Guess we have to spend gold... STOP RIGHT THERE! This is a trap Snail has set to get you to waste gold. But how else do we max it out? The trick is patience. Eventually your silver and cultivation will catch up.

*Oh man, I still don't have enough gear enhancement piece to upgrade! Do I reset my story missions so I can get my 25 boots to 30? NO! Eventually you will be swamped with extra bits to upgrade gear.

*It's been a week since I started playing and Snail gave me this cool Martial Set and a weapon to go with! And it starts at echelon 3!! I need to buy silver and cultivation to level it! --Mmmm. No you don't. Drunken Fist is pretty cool, but investing in it is a waste. Right now you have inners and your school's set to upgrade. And besides, Drunken Fist doesn't get buffed by your inners (Unless you're Royal Guard). My advice is to leave it alone. Look at the top players on your server. How many of them use Drunken Fist? It's a bad investment.

*My bags are full. What do I do! Alright- this one has no work around. Personally, I've found 60 slots to be plenty, so buy 4 at a time as needed until 60 and then force yourself to not buy another. You don't need it.

*I'm so poor! Can I please buy silver/cultivation? Nope!! Just a bit longer and it will all catch up. Promise.

This period of levelling is nasty. You'll want to spend gold and pawn tickets to catch up, but you have more important things to do! When you hit around 45 and levelling really slows down and you can do the last set of trials, you'll thank me.

11. Refinement
This is a silver sink- unlock the slots as you can, but put it at the back if the queue. When you do get around to it, focus on attack, attack percent, and hp. Advanced is good, but medium is good enough. Easy peasy. Oh and DONT REFINE WITH GOLD.

12. Divine Weapons
Ahhhh another silver sink! It's OK though, this one is worth it. You get pieces for this from World Journey as well as a small amount from School War. Don't rush. Here's the path to upgrading you should take.

*Step 1- forge primary weapon- DONT BUY FORGING STONES (will take around 500 forging stones and 1-2mil silver)
*Step 2- smelt to level 1 for 200 attack power DON'T BUY SMELTING STONES (100 needed)
*Step 3- forge to 2 - no stone buying (around 1500 forging stones and 6mil silver)
*Step 4- forge all others to full stars (2500 forging stones and 5mil silver)
*Step 5- Smelt main to 2 to unlock damage boost
*Step 6- Forge main to full stars.
*Step 7- Smelt main to 3
*Step 8- forge main to full stars.
*Step 9- smelt other weapons to 1

From here its pretty much up to you!

13. The Grind Is Real (45-MAX)
By this point you should be able to PvP in sky arena and start grinding out prestige for arcane treasure. You have more dark stone and cultivation then you can deal with. Just remember the basics and you'll be fine. Focus on getting your inners and set leveled. Get your enhancements to 4/4 and then 5/5 as soon as you can. Grind away my friend!

In Conclusion
Don't spend your gold on anything but your gear enhancement. And try not to hit stuff when you get removed. Do what you've been doing and you'll make it.
Well that wraps up this one, hope you all learned something!

PS: In game I'm Woop0w and you can find me on US Server 1 - Wudang. Happy hunting friends!

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Great contribution to beginner :) keep it up WoopOw :D :D :D :D :D

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Awesome guide. Im no total newb at lvl 69, but definately an informative read. Very solid advice.

There is one small thing I want to add/clarify:

You want to at least learn all school internals at lvl 1 as it gives you access to your school mental. It will take some time to get access to other mentals, so its definately worth the reasonably small investment. Once you learn the skills at basic level, you can sell the rest. If you want to level up another school inner later (for a specific mental or dual mental for example), you can get them from the school shop relatively easy.

4.Flyingsword » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:21 am

12. Divine Weapons
Ahhhh another silver sink! It's OK though, this one is worth it. You get pieces for this from World Journey as well as a small amount from School War. Don't rush. Here's the path to upgrading you should take.

*Step 1- forge primary weapon- DONT BUY FORGING STONES (will take around 500 forging stones and 1-2mil silver)
*Step 2- smelt to level 1 for 200 attack power DON'T BUY SMELTING STONES (100 needed)
*Step 3- forge to 2 - no stone buying (around 1500 forging stones and 6mil silver)
*Step 4- forge all others to full stars (2500 forging stones and 5mil silver)
*Step 5- Smelt main to 2 to unlock damage boost
*Step 6- Forge main to full stars.
*Step 7- Smelt main to 3
*Step 8- forge main to full stars.
*Step 9- smelt other weapons to 1

Hi, First of thanks a lot for your guide. I think this is very useful. I have a question regarding the Divine Weapons. At step 9, does this mean that even when I smelt other weapon to 1, the attack power bonus would be still added even when I don't use it? Ex-sample: I use a sword as Wudang with Tai Chi Sword. My current attack power is 20000. Then I smelt a long staff to lv. 1, which add 200 attack power. So, do I have then 20200 attack power?

User avatar 5.Man_Humping_Goat » Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:13 pm

Flyingsword wrote:Hi, First of thanks a lot for your guide. I think this is very useful. I have a question regarding the Divine Weapons. At step 9, does this mean that even when I smelt other weapon to 1, the attack power bonus would be still added even when I don't use it? Ex-sample: I use a sword as Wudang with Tai Chi Sword. My current attack power is 20000. Then I smelt a long staff to lv. 1, which add 200 attack power. So, do I have then 20200 attack power?

Yes it is a permanent bonus that has nothing to do with the weapon that you have equip
The ManHumping-Goat will get you

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6.SempakTerbang » Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:38 pm

hi wanna ask about the mats for smelt 3, i know the mats needed for smelt 2 is 100 blueprint and 60 smelting stones lvl 2, do you remember whats needed for smelt 3? thanks!

User avatar 7.Man_Humping_Goat » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:55 pm

Smelt 3 is 200 blueprints and 30 gold smelt stones
Smelt 4 is 300 blueprints and 50 gold smelt stones
The ManHumping-Goat will get you

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8.bigboss » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:47 am

Hi this post is great, thanks for the wonderful info.

anyway I am stuck at level 22 and I can no longer proceed with the story quest.

I have only upgraded my martial set and reinforce my weapon. The rest of the armors are level 20 but did not have reinforce.

I have not upgraded my school inner as well and I am waiting for the 3rd school inner which is supposedly the best for each clan.

The only things i can do are spy missions, legends, and forever quests.

Am i suppose to reinforce my other armors and upgrade my basic school inner to carry on with the story quest? or should i just grind out the other stuff to see if I can progress once i hit level 23?

I am playing royal guards now since its like the best and also because I am not very sure of how to progress at the moment, but would like to know how to progress to decide if i were to make another class.


9.321771824839915 » Mon May 06, 2019 8:15 pm

Hii I cannot learned more internal skill

10.zhangsanfeng » Fri May 10, 2019 1:30 am

321771824839915 wrote:Hii I cannot learned more internal skill


Dear Player,thanks for your contact.
As to the issue,please put your internal skill scroll into your home warehouse(if you have a home) then put it back to see if there pop up a little window with "Study".If yes,please click the study button to learn your internal skill.
If not,please send your character name,account and issue into our relevant Email,then we will help to check further.

Email: supportusa@snailgame.net

Thanks for your support,have a good one.
Best Regards.
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