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WarSoul » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:59 am
If you are start playing AOWD, you should plan a head. The mental skills are very important... as you can see the some schools have some advantage some are not. So far, [Firm will] or Beggar sects's 3rd inner - mental and Emei's [Air of The East] are hardest to achieve. While [Immortal Chi] or RG's 3rd inner - mental skill is much easier to achieve for RG and It rocks. The Wudang's 3rd inner - mental is not so good, maybe that is why Wudang players prefer 2nd inner. if you are planning to play Blade (like me) choice Wudang and play with[Cruel blade].

Five Mental is the dream of mental skill. and the scroll is fucking expense 2 pcs are 2500 pawn tickets.