Shaolin School Internal Skills & Jianghu Internal Skills

1.Shenkt » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:44 am

I am going to borrow heavily from other resources to try and give a conceptual overview of how the Power system works.

The figures shown are from the PC version of Age of Wushu, but the underlying information will suffice for this guide.

Basics : To learn any internal skill you need to acquire 'fragments' to combine to make a learnable scroll.
To level any internal skill takes Cultivation Points.
To upgrade an internal skill (Echelon) takes progressively more fragments.
Each school has 'attributes' that make some internal choices better suited than others.
Correctly aligned attribute choices can provide more overall damage. 20%
Levels shown below are SKILL levels, not player levels.

Terminology: Inners = Internal Skills made up of School and Jianghu types.
Super Inners = Ultimate Internal Skill
Yin / Soft = Attribute type
Yang/ Hard = Attribute type * Best suited to Shaolin.

Shaolin start with the School Inner "Centeredness" also known as Meditation
Image Image

The second School Inner is "Zen Balance" also known as Two Fingers of Zen Mediation

The third School Inner is "Subdue the Demon" also known as Arhat Demon-Subduing Skill

Each new inner has higher caps than the previous.

At times you will need to save your cultivation points, in expectation of levelling up a new skill while you are collecting fragments. You need to look at the requirements for learning each skill and plan your activities in game accordingly. Taking time to plan your progression is essential.

Shaolin are best suited to Yang / Hard attributes. With this in mind, I will highlight the Jianghu Inners that are best suited to Yang / Hard schools.

Poison Toad and Red Blade (AKA Toad Style & Bloody Sabre Classic)
Sunset Skill and Wuwang Divine Skill(AKA ??)

Lastly - Super Inners - Ultimate Internal Skills / Special Jianghu Internal Skills

These are a special 3rd type of Inner that you can also have activated at the same time as a School and Jianghu Inner; so these stats are a BOOST while the inner is in effect.

Sunflower Codex

Chi Vortex

Sources: ... nal-Skills ... 1%E6%9E%97)

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Hi, can you make a guide for tangmen and wu dang?

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