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1.tomas2015 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:16 am

Age of Wushu Dynasty takes place in a time when the land was controlled by the Ming Emperor, the Royal Guards,and the sinister East Chamber. Despite this fragile balance, Jianghu saw a prolonged peace, and society prospered.

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Hoping to consolidate his power, the Emperor commanded his vassals to compile all the martial arts texts in the world and write them into a single tome, the Nine Yin Manual. It proved a costly undertaking, and countless scholars and warriors contributed. Yet one day, not long afterthe Emperor's death, the priceless tract disappeared.

Heir apparent Zhu Di ascended the throne and started using this mysterious disappearance to his own ends,turning Jianghu fractions against each other. The rift between the royal court and the martial arts community grew…

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