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1.tomas2015 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:41 am

School Name: Wudang
Disciple Gender: Male and Female
Weapon: Sword
The Wudang school was founded in the early years of the Yuan Dynasty by the grandmaster Zhang Sanfeng. Wudang disciples’ understanding of the Tao allows them to draw their strength from the force of nature. Wudang's internal skills are among the best of any school. Their members pride themselves on defending the weak.

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School Name: Emei
Disciple Gender: Female
Weapon: Twin Daggers
The founder of Emei was a Taoist nun who turned to Buddhism. The disciples of her sect study the teachings of both venerable philosophies. The Emei sect is strictly female and stands united with Wudang and Shaolin. Emei practitioners operate primarily in the country’s southwest and are based on Emei Mountain.

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School Name: Tangmen
Disciple Gender: Male and Female
Weapon: Darts
The fabled spies of Tangmen are masters of concealed projectile weapons that arecommonly worn at the wrist. They are loyal mostly to themselves, but also sell their cunning services to the highest bidders.

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School Name: Shaolin
Weapon: Staff
Exclusive Faction Skill: Ruthless Staff
Skill Feature: Powerful ranged attacks
Internal Skills: Meditation, Two Fingers of Zen Meditation, and Arhat Subdues The Demon.
Shaolin Temple is the vaunted birthplace of Zen Buddhism and home to some of the world's most formidable kung fu fighting styles. Shaolin monks famous for their humility and unfailing devotion to righteous causes.

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Might I mention--Wanderer's Valley for life. :)
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*cough* RG *cough* :lol: :roll:

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Guess I will go tangmen, but I wish there was RG :(

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China has royal guard. Well get them soon. They bout to get wv too

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