A Quick Introduction For Beginner EMEI

1.Beanstalk » Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:57 am

QUIT EMEI if you are not ready to struggle in PvP. If you really do want to continue and like its style, then please read on:

Emei is a school-style that is considerably subpar to Wudang, though not to Shaolin's extent.
Without comparison to other schools' advantages, Emei itself is balanced out for PvE. But as with PvP that is against other schools, Emei requires alot more strategising and clever-play to win in PvP. However, it has to be stated that against an equally built and relatively resourceful Wudang/Tangmen, Emei will simply fall.

Bossing is relatively hard as there is no heal-factor in 'Departing Sting'; the primary skillset for Emei. However, a Lv1 Tai Chi Sword skillset in Secondary equip is more than enough to help with the healing necessary for bossing.
DPS is relatively high, so bosses do go down; but when compared to Wudang & Tangmen, Emei is much slower. However, Emei slays the fastest in 'JiangHu Challenges' and 'Trials' simply because of its widely available Overt AOE (Kindred Death); not to be compared with Snow Sword, as that skill is much harder to get for beginners or most players who do not have the resources to compete with the big spenders, which is why there shouldn't be a comparison.

There are 3 skills that Emei can attribute:
1. Parting Shadow (Feint)
This is obviously for parry-breaking, but as with the 0.07 version onwards, this is as much as USELESS. The skill does damage, but its accuracy has been severely reduced to a point whereby one could consider it to be glitching that it always misses its target even when it is in front..... Responsiveness of the skill is also horrendous, and you will most often be unable to execute it as its casting speed coupled with its inaccuracy is seemingly inferior to Wudang's and especially, Tangmen's. No more than a single point should be allotted to this skill.

2. Final Farewell (Parry)
Parry is a great skill for strategists in PvP, but as far as this current game goes, it is bullcrap if you ask me. This is because Tangmen & Wudang SPAM their Feint skill to severe extents, as it is often the fastest and best way to kill players. This is simply because the game is unbalanced, and it is not going to be something that is changed anytime soon. If you have trouble with mastering perfect timing, then you should either train on better timing or if impossible, neglect this skill, as it arguably is not necessary or essential.
if you are not aiming for Top 10 types of spot which require strategic play, then a DPS build is much more flexible and relaxing on your gameplay. Parry damage is also negligible at higher levels.However, a maxed out parry has reduced cooldown (10secs) and progressive levelling of it does increase your rage. it also does increase your survivability against bosses since it reduces the damage received on parries, but that is also negligible considering that Tai Chi Sword's healing skill is available.

3. Kindred Death (Overt)
This is your DPS skill that rakes in the most damage on all plays. It is a range-type attack. It can hit a target multiple times, and often kill groups of enemies in the blink of an eye. When Rage skill is buffing or cooling down, this is the go-to skill for everything; besides Stunning Arrival (Overt) that complements this skill by drawing enemies to one center-point and leaves them stunned, before you unleash Kindred Death (this is not the only way to use Kindred or Stunning Arrival of course). Every level-up increases the number of daggers being thrown out. Be aware that at Level 2, two daggers shoot out in a forward motion hitting everything in front of you; pretty straightforward, literally. But at level 3, three daggers shoot out individually on Left, Front, Right, and you'd have to adjust your style of play to ensure these daggers always hit as many targets as possible, and also as many times as possible. More experience would clearly help. This is the FIRST skill to pump, and it should be your priority for most parts of the game.


In my humble opinion, taking your time to save up and search for Gold Set Equipments is wise for most players without the financial resources in real life. It is DOABLE; i myself spent less than USD15 and have got >280k power in 3months or so. In hindsight, there was no actual need to spend even a single cent, as in the end, I was just speeding up the process of growth, by spending. The game itself offers many avenues for gaining gold in-game (100 activity, guild raid/war participation & reward, Kidnapping, Event tab, Benefits tab), all of which can be used to buy materials from the shop to boost your armor.
A full jade (non-set) equipment is also desirable as it is comparable to Gold-Sets, however it requires quite some materials to upgrade. It would be very hard to fully level all your Jade equipments (Not sets) past level 50 without using real cash to fund.

Emei's cooldowns and stun durations are not remarkable. So following an equipment set that uses 'Starry Night'; giving overt cooldown bonus, is less practical. It is better to go for Frosty Set (Gold) or Highwind Set (Jade), which provides a damage bonus (%), or Moonlight Set (Gold) which provides a damage-reflect bonus (%) that is quite substantial.

Jade sets require a large amount of materials from the gold-shop, and they have a high % rate of failure. That is why it is undesirable for new players with tight budgets to follow.
Jade non-set equipments require a smaller amount of materials from the gold-shop, and have a medium % rate of failure. Gold will be needed to enhance it past Level 50.
Gold sets on the other hand require minute amounts of materials from the gold-shop (in fact as the amount is minute, most of it can be gathered from in-game quests/challenges rewards), and thus even though there is a low % rate of failure, is much more economical to achieve.
Gold non-set equipments are the least you could work with. And I suggest that you get away from it as soon as you can, although it is rather useful till level 45ish.

And im too tired to continue... So ill add on another time.

User avatar 2.sioncan » Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:08 pm

"Jade non-set equipments require a smaller amount of materials from the gold-shop, and have a medium % rate of failure."
Wrong, they CAN'T fail.
At least read in-game items before posting a guide ^^
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