[Master Guide]Life Of A Wudang- In-Depth Wudang guide

1.MooDang » Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:45 pm

Seen a lack of guides, or general anything in the user guides section. Wanted to come in and give a shot at making a guide so lets get started. :lol:

School Inners

As most Age of Wushu Dynasty players know, there are 3 inners that are available to us. Each specific inner boost a % to certain damage types. At the moment all school inners are locked to one specific damage boost.

Wudang Poise

This is the starting inner for wudang players(1st inner). All 1st inners increase the respective schools first set's damage by 5%, this is only used for beginners and shouldn't have much investment in.

Inner Focus

Within the recent update, snail has given rewards for 3 star instances(I will later explain in a later guide) which now have added 2nd inner scroll fragments. Until you've done enough spy task to obtain your third inner, I recommend investing into your 2nd inner.

Boundless Sea

This inner is your bread and butter once you've obtained it. I suggest investing into this once you've made your TaiChi sword echelon 4/9. It gives a amazing 15% increase to sword's, 20% damage decrease from swords, 20% damage decrease from twin daggers and increases your rage state by 15 which is extremely valuable for pvp. The only downside is that it eats Advanced internal skill pills like made past echelon 4, so you've have to ration them with your Jianghu inner.

I don't advise using other school inners, it's way to slow to level them and it's not worth it in the long run.

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Jianghu Inners

Jianghu Inners

Disclaimer: I will not go into depth with EVERY inner, I will give brief explanations for why certain inners should not be used.(Five Elemental/jade inners will not be included)

Ice Pact

This should be your starting inner for Wudang. During the early levels of the game you will be mainly using tai chi sword, and this is one of the cheapest Jianghu inners that increase sword damage %. You should aim at Echelon 7 for the +10 rage state which is extremely valuable for pvp, past this echelon it will become EXTREMELY expensive to upgrade it. I do not suggest you to go to 9, as by the time you do you should(if you follow my future guides) have a much better inner. I only suggest you use this for the early beginning, if you choose a different route for your wudang(very versatile build paths) this inner won't be needed past echelon 5 or 6.

Red Blade

Hmm, Blade/Dagger damage increase? This doesn't sound very good for a Wudang disciple does it? I do not suggest investing into this inner at a early level, or past that level in general. It does not add to the flavor of Wudangs sword route. This COULD be useful if you went a blade route(dagger is TERRIBLE for wudang) but it's just a waste of investment and power, there are much better alternatives.

Ugly Frog

Also known as Poison Toad, this inner is not a very great inner for Wudang, although I've seen some Wudangs go the glove route using Devil Palm and Drunken Fist. I do not suggest you do this. Drunken fist is good at lower levels, but as your level it will become obsolete for you. If you go the glove route you WILL miss out on damage and survivalbility.

Sunset Skill

This inner is really good early on if you want a overall power increase, this is also very good for Wudangs who want to go the blade route. For a Wudang who goes the sword route, this is an OPTION for you. It cost a hefty amount of prowess, so I warn you if you invest into getting this skill as it will overall delay your Ice Pact.

Chaotic Origin/Transcendence

Chaotic origin should not be used aside from it's mental skill, and transcendence is the best inner(gold) for wudang at the moment. It is not easy to attain if you do not get world bosses everyday, so I still suggest getting ice pact and using it until you can obtain these 2 for their mental skill.

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Mental Skills

Mental Skills

There are a hefty amount of mental skills that give bonus effects when 4 inners/martial arts are equipped either through the main interface or the mental bonds interface (3 inners/martial arts can be chosen for mental skill bonds at the moment, more will available as the level cap increases)
It is possible to have 2 mental skills equipped at the same time, but usually it will require you to go through a unorthodox build path. Wudang has it the hardest when it comes to mental skill bonds because it is extremely hard to go full sword damage and still have a good mental skill aside the school mental.

Wudang Mental Skill: Easiest one to attain, When your HP hits below 30% it will trigger and recover 25% max HP for 10 seconds. Makes you harder to kill, can help for tyrants at lower levels also. Be careful as it has a 2 minute cooldown. This will usually be used by sword route Wudang as it cost 2 mental skill bond spots.

Blow in the Air: I cannot give a good explanation as I've never used it. You will need drunken fist and 3 third inners. This is a very hard one to obtain seeing obtaining other school inners take quite a while.

Sacred Baptism: All HP and Energy effect increase by 20%, this sounds very good, especially for those who have high HP return on hit from cloaks or gold/jade set effects. I've seen some Wudangs with posion toad use this AND Wudang inner skill at the same time boosting the 25% heal by 20% which is quite nice, but this lacks damage unless you sacrifice a spot for devils palm.

Siphon Skill: I do not have much experience with this mental, and I don't see it being used a lot. It sounds good on paper 2% Life steal off your attacks, I heard it stacks with HP return on Hit so it may be good, but as wudangs we have access to better recovery methods.

Wait Patiently: I also do not have experience with this mental, " Deal Additional damage to the enemy. The more energy and rage you have the more damage you will deal". I have met 3 wudangs who use skylake gold set and this inner. +20 max rage SHOULD help increase the damage of this mental, but there are no concrete numbers, so I can't calculate anything. I do advise you to use this mental if you can though, mount hua sword is a very strong martial art for wudang AND you can use ice pact alongside it.

The Steadfast: I will be brief, most non paying players will never be able to use this mental. It is very strong, but it cost too much for the average player to obtain.

Astral Demon Disinegrates: This name sounds sooo sexy, But this one is also expensive. Most player won't be able to use this.

Explosive Thunder: This inner is the bread and butter of blade route wudang. 20% chance for your next attack to be a critical hit. VERY good for tyrants, I do not recommend this to sword route wudangs, because you will sacrifice one martial art slot for yanyang blade to be able to use it.

Steady accumulation: One of the strongest, and cheapest mental skills for sword route wudang. Increases your critical hit rate by 10% every second, resets on a critical hit. Inner Focus, Sunset, Chaotic Origin and transcendence are needed for this mental. By the time you have these 4 transcendence should replace Ice pact, or if you are going blade route keep sunset as your Jianghu and put transcedence into your mental skill bond slot.

Immortal chi: Royal Guard are sooooo lucky to be able to get this. It requires Cruel blade, Inner focus, Sunset, and seven executions. It is possible for wudang to get this(it's quite strong) but you'll have a long wait time getting seven executions. "When being attack 10% chance to recover 5% max HP and obtain light rage for 3 seconds". This makes you extremely tanky and the free light rage can save you from a lot of predicaments.

Winds of Grievance: Do not use this

The purple air comes from the east: Too expensive.

Unbreakable body: This doesn't sound so great for wudang, and it's quite expensive.

The Different routes

So as a Wudang, you have many different builds you can go through. I will tell you the most EFFECTIVE and most INEFFECTIVE.

Sword Route: You have many choices when it comes to this route.
MT Hua sword/Taichi/Ice Pact/3rd inner--->Mental skill: Wait Patiently or Wudang mental skill
Pros: Really good PVP damage, great tyrant taking ability. No real downsides here aside high cost in prowess. You will have to juggle between MT hua and Ice pact scrolls.

Taichi sword/YanYang blade/Ice Pact/3rd inner--->Mental skill: Wudang Mental or Explosive thunder
Pros: Very good tyrant taking ability, good surivability, you do not need to upgrade yanyang blade using prowess(drops from school patrol)
Cons: So-so PVP ability. not extremely good for mass PVP either.

Snow Sword/(Any other martial art of your choice)/Ice Pact/3rd inner--->Mental skill: Sacred B./misc
Pros: Good PVP damage
Cons: Iffy at everything else depending on your 2nd martial art and mental skill.

Taichi/(fill with either Snow or MT hua)/Transcedence/3rd inner---->Mental skill: Steady acc.
Pros: Good at everything, literally everything.
Cons: Expensive, takes quite a while to get, if you can't get tyrants, you cant get this route.

Blade route:

The blade route is kind of iffy. It requires you to pair up with cruel blade or YanYang as your first martial art, and any sword martial art as your second. You'll have to run your 3rd inner and redblade/sunset skill as your Jianghu inner. I'm not going to go into depth with this route because I find it subpar unless you invest a lot of money into it.

This is the end of my guide. Note, this is my first time creating a guide but not my last. I really appreciate criticism(just don't bash on me). This took about 3 hours to make too so yeah. If you have any suggestions tell me.

US server S3-Emei
IGN: Guilty
Guild: Vietnam

2.Kardinaal » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:33 pm

Good guide. Ive got a few questions about equipment. Which sets would you recommend for the different paths you describe?

3.MooDang » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:24 pm

Kardinaal wrote:Good guide. Ive got a few questions about equipment. Which sets would you recommend for the different paths you describe?

For the sword and blade route, if you're talking jade gear I would go for newmoon, it's extremely versatile it I don't think it'll fall off later in the game unlike some other jade sets. For gold, I'd go frosty for blade route and all the sword routes. I'm trying to find out if wait patiently isn't bugged because I never see a damage increase with max rage/energy, But if it worked correctly I'd go sky lake for the +max rage because theoretically it would increase the mentals damage.

4.jwardaz77@gmail.com » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:09 pm

I notice you do not mention Drunken Fist, was it a mistake for me to invest in it instead of going for mt hua? Dmg output is almost double any of the non-gold skills or any sword skill for that matter at the same lvl, and like 30% better than tai chi. Should I stop using it and go for Mt. hua and eventually snow sword?

5.MooDang » Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:05 am

jwardaz77@gmail.com wrote:I notice you do not mention Drunken Fist, was it a mistake for me to invest in it instead of going for mt hua? Dmg output is almost double any of the non-gold skills or any sword skill for that matter at the same lvl, and like 30% better than tai chi. Should I stop using it and go for Mt. hua and eventually snow sword?

I won't say it's a mistake, but don't invest too much into it. It is alright at a lower level, but once you've obtained your 3rd inner and icepact you should go towards using Taichi sword/MT. Hua until you get snowsword. I'd advise just using DF until your taichisword and MT. hua reach the same echelon as it, then from there you should replace it

6.710744359064127 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:14 pm

I need information on 3rd inner, what is it, how do we obtain it???
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