[Master Guide] Ooooh Shinyyy In-depth Treasure Guide

1.MooDang » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:52 pm

Through out your exploration of Jianghu you've probably stumbled upon Treasure or Treasure shards. These are used to greatly boost your characters power and stats. Individually they aren't very strong, but as you level you will gain treasure slots for your equipment which will aid you in Jianghu.

Gold Treasure

There are different tiers and quality to treasure varying from tier 1 to tier 5, getting stronger the higher the tier it is. Gold treasure vary of quality by 1-4. The higher the quality the stronger the treasure.Tier 3-5 gold treasure have bonus effects for each treasure of that set you have equipped in one specific gear. Here is a picture for an example.
Each respective arcane treasure you equip, you obtain the extra attributes for the amount you have equipped.
You can obtain the attributes of a treasure up to 3 times. For gold treasure you must get to level 35 to get the attributes a 2nd time, and enchant the specific gear 10 times ( 5 on each type of encahntment). For jade you will need to do it 6 times.(12 in total)

Make sure you keep all your treasure up to date. There is no currency needed to upgrade them, only materials that can be found daily so make sure you do jianghu legend everyday and do the trials.

The tiers of treasure Quality 4
Tier 1: Desert
Tier 2: Cloud
Tier 3: Dark/Radiant
Tier 4: Swan
Tier 5: Arcane

The tiers of Treasure Quality 3
Tier 1: Feather
Tier 2: Mist
Tier 3: Sun
Tier 4:???
Tier 5:???

The tiers of Treasure Quality 2
Tier 1: Abyssal
Tier 2: Demon
Tier 3: ????
Tier 4: ????
Tier 5: ????

What do Treasures do?

Each treasure corresponds with a different element, the element determines on what attribute is being boosted. The higher quality and tier of the treasure, the higher the amount the attribute will be increased by level.
For example: Arcane may increase attack per level of treasure by 5 where as Cloud may only increase it by 1 per level.

Fire Treasure(Disc): Increases Crit damage by a % per level.
Earth Treasure(Stylus): Increases Defense by a flat number per level.
Gold Treasure(Slab): Increase Attack by a flat number per level
Water Treasure(Vessel): Increases HP by a flat amount per level
Wood Treasure(Tiger): Increases crit damage reduction by a % per level.

Jade Treasure

Jade treasure correspond in the same system of Quality/Tier as gold, but they are much harder to obtain and are much stronger. The Highest and only quality of Jade treasure is 5, and the lowest tier is 2.

Tiers of Quality treasure 5
Tier 2: Frost
Tier 3: Dragon
Tier 4: Dazzling/Soul
Tier 5: Kirin

Where do I get treasure?

There are many places to find treasure. Here is a small list of them.

Where to find Gold treasure
Jianghu Legend: The bosses you beat throughout Jianghu Legend will drop "shards" for certain treasures. You will need 5 shards to synthesize them into a actual treasure.
Tyrant: Tyrant's will drop specific treasures for certain prize rankings (2nd-5th place)
Silver/gold/Jade chest: These chest have chances to either drop FRAGMENTS or the entire treasure, but it is rare to get the entire treasure.
Pawnshop: You can find fragments in the shop that sell for around 100 tickets, the entire treasure can cost up to 1000 tickets depending on quality and tier.
Sky Arena: Arcane shards can be exchanged for prestige.
Daily Trials: Trials have a chance to drop fragments or an entire treasure.
Rebate/top-up: Money :roll:

Where to find jade treasure
Gold/Jade chest: These also have a chance to drop jade treasure shards or the entire shard but it is extremely rare. You will need 10 shards to synthesize a jade treasure.
Pawnshop: Shards can be found at around 500 or 1000 tickets a shard.
Wulin arena: Jade treasures can be traded with reputation
Top-up: Money :roll:

Which treasure should I upgrade??
You can upgrade treasures with elemental stones, found in Jianghu Legend and Trials. Each Treasure increases your power level by a certain amount. HP treasures increase your Power the most, and defense/crit damage reduction/crit damage increase it by the least. Attack is the middle ground.
When it comes to upgrading treasure, make sure you don't forget to upgrade all of them. Do not have all your vessels level 60, but you slabs level 20. You may have high power, but your overall stats will greatly suffer.
I suggest you increase attack and HP the most but keep all 3 other treasures AT LEAST at half the level of your highest treasure.
Example: Slab/vessel level 60, tiger/stylus/disc level 30.
Attack and HP are important, but other stats are important too especially defense.

2.ZhaoWuJi » Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:54 pm

Inaccurate. Peak set is jade tier 1

3.Hoitem » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:16 pm

Tier 3 treasures don't have bonus effects and it seems all t4-t5 treasures have bonus stats
IGN: Hoitem
Server: US-S4 Shaolin
Guild: BloodLotus vice leader
Line ID: hoitem
Feel free to contact me on Line if you got questions ingame ;) :D

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