Primer to Royal Guard Chain and other tips

1.Lonban » Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:35 am

Interested in starting a Royal Guard? Here's a few things to know.

Your chain set needs investment to function. It's a set with a lot of potential, but your pull/spin needs to have at least two, ideally three or four, points in it for the set to work. The light/heavy rage states prevent you from being shut down by literally everything after you use it, and it pretty much ties your rage for attack damage, so you want it going off reliably. If you only put in three to max a different skill, just beware certain sets.

I'd suggest investing points in the parry as your secondary skill, because it's reliable and at level three has a decent chance to stun. If you choose to invest points in the feint, just beware the pros and cons of it. An invested feint can slow/flying skill disable in addition to attaching extra damage per hit/lowering defense for a short window, but the difficulty of landing the feint should always factor into investing into it.

A 4/4/0 build on Spin/Parry/Feint is generally what I'd suggest as the "most reliable" build since it will make your spin almost a sure thing to go off and rank 3 parry has a 50% chance to stun in addition to providing the maximum 99% damage reduction. High-risk/High-reward feint builds can go 4/0/4 or 4/1/3

Major strengths of the set:
*Lots of yellow/red armor
*Spin is a free moving skill, lets you get away from bad things.
*Super long range, hard to run from.
*Long range feint can parry break people outside of their field of vision.
*3 second root buys you time if your rage state hits 0.
*Set can stack up to 50% damage bonus via Lingering Chain Energy. You will shred things in PVE if you are good at maintaining this buff.

Major weaknesses of the set:
*The feint is slow and has a very narrow cone. Casting it in melee range is just asking for a bad time. You have to be careful with it.
*An opponent can put up their parry after you pull them before you cast your next skill. This is why I generally suggest rank three of spin, because anything between pull and spin can bait a counterparry and break your combo.
*Similarly, your pull being interrupted will also prevent you from casting the spin.
*Counterparry aims itself in uh... unusual ways. It's not uncommon for it to miss entirely or only hit once.
*Lingering Chain Energy only lasts 5 seconds, and requires 25 stacks to peak its maximum power. Since this only stacks from auto-attack or rage against a target under your pull/counterparry debuff, you realistically are likely to only have somewhere between 5-10 stacks of this buff in 1v1 PvP situations, and it's likely to fall off frequently.

Nuances of play:
The major thing is making sure that whenever you cast your chain pull you're not going to have anything preventing you from immediately hitting your spin. Because your feint is so slow and telegraphed, you sort of have to test the waters with your opponent and see what their parry rhythm is before you decide how aggressive you should be with the feint.

Other small things: In an ideal scenario, if you cast the pull and then cast the rage, you still have time to hit the spin after the rage if you do nothing else. This nets you an added damage buff to the spin. Practically speaking, any number of things can happen to screw up this perfect timing.

Your mental skill build entirely depends on what sets you want to use. If you focus on chain entirely, Poison Toad/Transcendence is the jianghu and (hypothetically if you can get it) Magnanimity. RG inner buffs barehand skills in addition to your chain skill, making them the hardest-hitting users of Devil Palm/Drunk Fist. However, I use a blade as my secondary weapon due to personal preference/mental skill choice.

Feel free to post your build choices. Mine is:
*Chain/Cruel Blade
*Seven Executions
*Sunset Skill

By equipping these skills and slotting RG 1st/2nd inner alongside Wudang 2nd in mental skill box, you get RG Mental and Immortal Chi. I suggest Immortal only because it can help occasionally cover some gaps in landing pulls/spins. If you can land the rarer jianghu/ancient inners, using Chain/CB/Seven/Sunset/Magnanimity with RG 2nd, 5 ele and Ice Pact slotted into mental skills nets you RG Mental/Immortal Chi/Steadfast.
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User avatar 2.HyugaHiori » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:50 pm

i thing i have some info maybe you fogot about the weaknesse u fogot about the 2nd overt (the skill have two 2 state) if the fist state has been parried u cant spin.
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3.Lonban » Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:00 pm

Updated to include that little tidbit.

4.donnzero » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:38 pm

any more RBs up in here?
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5.Lonban » Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:35 pm

Updated to reflect recent updates increasing the casting speed of set counterparry. You now have a much easier time initiating a spin combo.
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