[Master Guide] Wudang Adv. Guide for PVP and Tyrant Soloing

1.ZhaoWuJi » Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:30 am

This is an advanced guide that assumes you already know about the school and jianghu skills. There are too many guides that talk about the basics so I won't repeat many here.

A few things to explain ahead:
    1. When inner skills reach tier 7, you get bonus rage state points. Bronze skills give extra 5, silver gives 10, gold gives 15, and jade gives 20. Rage state is the stats that determines if you will be sliced into air by TaiChi Sword or not. The higher the better.

    2. You need 520 scrolls to reach tier 7 from 0 for any inner.

Wudang Inners Overview:

Wudang Poise (1st inner, bronze):
This one is what you will use until you reach around level 28 when you can start doing school raids. Do not bother spending school contribution to level up the tier for Wudang Poise, but I do recommend leveling it as you go. it does not cost that much cultivation in the long run and you may need it to clear the quests.

Inner Focus (2nd inner, silver):
This inner costs 15 contributions per fragment. To reach tier 7, you will need 7800 contributions. If you know what you are doing, you can get about 1000 contribution per week. So it takes about 2 months to get Inner Focus to tier 7.
Inner Focus will give 10 rage state at tier 7, with 30% bonus damage to swords, as well as damage reduction against daggers, knuckles, and hidden weapons.

Boundless Sea (3rd inner, gold):
This inner costs 20 contributions per fragment. To reach tier 7, you will need 10400 contributions. So it takes about 2 and a half months to get to tier 7.
Boundless Sea will give 15 rage state at tier 7, with 45% bonus damage to swords, as well as damage reduction against twin daggers and blades.

PVP Build:
I recommend that you go straight for Inner Focus. You get to reap the benefit of extra rage state for 2 weeks on top of the following benefits:

    1. Inner focus is needed for Steady Accumulation Mental. Steady Accumulation not hard to acquire (especially after you learn about how to solo tyrants at lvl 40), and many other posts have talked about how much more damage Steady can deliver over Explosive Thunder so I won't repeat it here.

    2. Inner Focus has damage reduction against daggers (Tangmen), knuckles (almost all jade level martial arts), and hidden weapons (Royal Guards). If you have played for any amount of time, you will know that Tangmen is the major rival because they have hard stun and we don't. If you have pked any RG after they came out you would know that they deal immense damage for no apparent reason. And I do not need to speak about damage reduction against Taichi Fist, Dragon Claw, and others.

    3. 5 extra rage state is really not that much more. I do not believe it is worth going for to sacrifice the above benefits. The only other real downside is the extra 15% sword damage that Boundless gives. But then after you reached Inner Focus tier 7 or even 9, you have all the time in the world to level Boundless. You can always switch as you need to.

Before I proceed I must make a side note here. Below information is primarily in comparison with skills from other schools. I.E. not counting jianghu skills.

Wudang's Taichi Sword Overview:
Taichi Sword features healing, knocking up and keep opponents in air if you broke their parry and smashed their rage state, flying feint, amazing mobility and a stun rage move. These are the exact features that will allow you to solo a tyrant at as early as level 40. Prior to the tyrant upgrade, any school could potentially solo tyrant at level 40 (Wudang would still be able to do it easier), but after the upgrade with feint failing, Taichi Sword remains the only possible set to solo Tyrants. More about soloing later, this section is about PVP.

Taichi's Flying Feint is the Best Feint You Can Have
  • Have your opponent ever walk in parry stance towards you? Well no sweat! With level 4 Taichi Feint, you can break his parry from miles away!

  • Have you ever finished your combo but end up miles away from where you opponent lies on the ground? Well no sweat! With level 4 Taichi Feint, you can instantly appear beside him with a feint cut!

Taichi's Healing is the Best Overt You Can Have.
  • It heals. Enough said. More about reaping the healing in section about mentals.

Taichi's Normal Attack is the Best Set You Can Have
  • I have tried with a friend of mine who uses viper. We just use normal attack on each other and we both only had 20 rage states.
  • I smashed his rage state with 5 left.
  • We questioned why? Viper is known for fast normal attacks!
  • It turns out that because Taichi moves around, it dealt more effective number of strikes on my friend by timing out viper's attacks since his character needed to turn back and forth while the turning is built-in in Taichi's normal attack!

Taichi's Heavenly Piercing Sword is the Best Non-Utility Overt You Can Have
    When I was soloing Red Blade at level 52 I noticed something very interesting. Similar phenomenon appeared when I was soloing Ape and VK but both were not as noticeable as when I soloed RB.
    I noticed that when I used Piercing Sword which will put me behind the boss, I will not take damage from his attack even if the animation shows that he hit me!
    I investigated further and concluded that Piercing Sword will place the actual me behind the boss even though it looks like I am not there yet!
    Better still! The boss doesn't even know it and will continue to attack me as if I am still in front of him!

Taichi's Rage Chains Perfectly with Rest of the Set
    Different from viper's rage, which would require the user to use it while the opponent's rage state is gone, Taichi's Rage does not have to! The Rage move will stun the opponent until your stab-ground animation. In between is 7 hits that will remove 1 rage state each!
    That means you can use the Taichi Rage move when opponent has 7 rage state left and when you are done, he will still be rage-less and you can continue to strike him up in the air!
    Viper's rage, however, if used when opponent still has 7 rage, they can just slide away. Or even worse, they can stun you back since you don't have heavy rage while casting Viper rage!

You may have noticed that I am comparing with viper a lot. That is because viper is the main competitor with Wudang in any match up. I am trying to explain how we can get an edge over them.

Mentals that Goes With Wudangs
Before you hit level 60, you want to just stick with the wudang mental. It gives a nice heal on top of cloak heal and overt heal, which will help keep you alive.
Upon hitting level 60, you have a few options depending on how your pre-60 tyrant hunts went.
    1. If you have not been able to secure any decent jianghu skills but do have snow sword, then I recommend you use Wudang Mental + Sacred Baptism double mental combo. You equip Taichi Sword, Snow Sword, Inner Focus, Poison Toad, and put Boundless, Devil Palm, Wudang Poise in the slots.
    Sacred Baptism will improve all heals and SP regen by 20%. That includes every single heal that we have, which we have a lot. If this is how you are set up at level 60, then I recommend you put 4 levels in heal instead of feint just to make yourself impossible to kill (a lip smacking 62k heal and almost complete SP regen per use of the heal move as well as 7.8k heal per tick for Wudang Mental, calculated base on 260k health).

    2. If you are able to get the second inners of Shao or Emei, then I recommend you put 4 points in Taichi Feint, equip Taichi, Yanyang blade, Inner Focus, Red Blade, and put Wudang Poise, Shao or Emei Second inner, and Boundless in the slots. This will grant you double mental of Explosive Thunder and Wudang Mental

    3. If you got lucky and got Chaotic Origins and Transcendence. Then think no further. If you have tier 6 or 7 Ice Pact then: Equip Taichi Sword, Snow Sword, Inner Focus, Ice Pact, and put Chaotic, Transcendence, and Sunset in the slots to get Steady Accumulation Mental (this one mental is better than the above double mentals because being able to kill your opponent is better than trying to survive with heals). If you only have tier 5 or lower Ice Pact then equip Transcendence instead for the 45% sword damage until you reach tier 6/7 on Ice Pact. This is because Transcendence is a pain in the butt to level up, you are better off with Ice Pact's 10 rage state.

So that's all I have for PVP build.
Now for the guide on How To Solo Tyrants Using Taichi Sword:

This guide focuses on dodging the boss's attacks while doing damage. So it makes sense to use Taichi sword since Taichi moves about naturally.
Here are some skills you need to practice in order to solo successfully at low level, as well as some minimum requirements:
    1. End your normal attack combo in mid-way: Taichi's normal attack involves: going behind target -> spinning cut while rising upwards at the target -> cut straight down forward back to the front of the target. You should practice so that you can stop your normal attack combo after you rised up behind your target's back and land back on ground instead of continue to normal attack. This will save you from getting hit by the tyrants.

    2. Use singular normal attacks: In the occasions that the tyrant releasese hell at a particular area in front of him, and you have dodged it standing behind him and can't do anything, you want to learn how to only use one normal attack at a time often as long as they don't combo and you don't end up back in front of the boss. I do it by hit normal attack once and move my character back one step. Then I hit attack one time again and move again. Moving will reset the normal attack combo, but there is a timing involved and you must practice on your own to learn the tempo.

    3. Although you can theoretically use my method to solo Ape and RB at any level, but the more health, higher defence and attack, and higher level in general will allow more mistakes and accommodate the hard-to-dodge hits. Not to mention that low attack value means it will take you forever to actually kill the tyrant. I recommend at least full radiant treasure set with slab to level 30, and fully upgraded sword, cape, ring and necklace (which all adds attack).

Vulture King:
    1. VK has quicker normal attacks than Ape and RB. One will slow you, the other will root you and poison you for a while. There is no good way to completely dodge these attacks, you just have to pray to RNGJesus that you won't get hit when you are low and waiting on that critical heal.

    2. Use Taichi normal attack to bounce in front and back of VK. This will, occasionally, successfully make the VK attack in the opposite direction of where you ended up at. When VK uses his rage move (has markings on the ground), you double tap the normal attack to go behind him, and this is when you should use your rage move as soon as you are behind. If you don't have your rage move, then use heal move or SINGLE normal attack (if you tap the normal attack twice then you are going to have a bad time ending up in the boss's rage move effect zone).

    3. Use feint move whenever you can. Feint has the highest single damage of all your sets. So use it whenever you can!

    4. Moreover, VK occasionally will enter the parry stance. Learn what the stance look like and use feint on it before you get silenced! This takes practice and I have no way to giving you that experience without you going to try it and fail many times over. I will, however, suggest that you replace your normal attacks with feint (so to feint as often as you can), and only use normal attack to regen SP or to move behind the tyrant.

Snow Ape:
Ape has much more defined attack movements than VK, hence makes it much much MUCH easier to dodge his attacks and solo it.
Ape has the following moves:
1. Picks up sword and slice across his front.
    Dodge it by double tap or simply walk behind him when you see the ape lifting his sword, it is really not hard and you have plenty of time.

2. Lift his palm and hit the ground (no ground marking)
    Dodge it by double tap normal attack move and go behind him.

3. Lift his palm and smash the ground (with ground marking)
    Dodge it by double tap and move behind him. Do not use normal attacks in combo or you will end up back in his attack range like VK. Meanwhile, use heal, use rage, use single normal attack.

If you move around the map too much, the Ape will use the following skill to try to catch you:
4. Spinning large area of effect slice
    You will be silenced and rooted if you got caught. It sometimes breaks through parries and silence you anyway. It sometimes only silence you and does not root you. Best way to dodge it is to try to jade slide far out if you can react in time. Otherwise just parry a bit. If you follow my instructions the boss wouldn't use this move much and it wouldn't mortally wound you.

After you bring his health down to a low amount, he will use the following moves:
5. Roar at a line
    Dodge it like you dodge VK's line attack. Use rage move when you are behind him but watch out for the next move when you rage.

6. Jump and Land Smash
    He likes to combo this after roaring at a line. If you used rage when he roared, you will not be able to dodge the jump. The jump actually has a larger AOE than the marking on the ground shows. If you got hit you will be stunned. The way to avoid getting stunned is to either jade slide further out of the range, or simply use parry and you may even damage him while counter-attacking. Of course, to be able to do either you must not have used raged before he jumps.

Additionally, the Ape uses parry in a fairly rhythmic pattern:
He will parry after a number of attacks. In order to avoid getting silenced, I recommend you use feint until it says fail, and immediately double tap normal attack to go behind the Ape, and repeat the process of feint until it says fail -> double tap -> feint until it says fail.

Last but not least, the Red Blade Elder:
This guy is slightly more complicated. I gotta go sleep so I will finish next time.

User avatar 2.Quilava » Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:51 pm

ZhaoWuJi wrote:When I was soloing Red Blade at level 52

Wudangs in a nutshell. Lvl 60 Shao rank 7 Yangyang, rank 7 Subdue, rank 6 Red blade, roughly 300k power still can't solo that tyrant. Snail made this game so balanced, if you close your eyes and listen in the distant you'll hear a shao screaming realizing there are going to be wars versus wudangs only.

A Shao gets slaughtered by a wudang every 1.6 seconds, stop this murder, buff the shaos
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Quilava wrote:A Shao gets slaughtered by a wudang every 1.6 seconds, stop this murder, buff the shaos

It's once ever 0.0005 seconds.
Come on man, I thought you knew more than that.....
The ManHumping-Goat will get you

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