[Master Guide] Skill in action series: Part 3 Devil's Palm

User avatar 1.HyugaHiori » Mon May 02, 2016 10:21 am

Hi guys,
After a hot week with new update of Age of Wushu dynasty. My heart is on fire for wait and hope for emei can catch up with another school in this game with Twin phantom dagger. Thanks u guys come here and hear me talk about one of my top skill set which is beautiful aa skill set in the game i ever played. That skill set is Devil's Palm so come on let take a look.

I. Pros and cons:
  • Range skill set that make you become a marksman.
  • Stun remover, aoe healer good for team fight.
  • Stuning lage aoe you can use this skill for cut off some enemy skill with out heavy rage.
  • Parry skill effect op, if you have that thing next skill will take the energy cost back.
  • Feint skill has a fast aa.
  • Long range, lage aoe rage skill.
  • Have 2 aoe dealt damage but just 1 hit and with that mean you can’t clear creep as fast as some kind skill set like mt. hua sword.
  • On normal attack the aa make your character move to near enemy so fast and this make harder to controling the poke strategy.
  • Feint skill has long cd so u must careful on break enemy’s parry.
  • Healing skill will siphon huge energy from you so you must calculate fist before you want to use that skill.
  • Mental skill of this skill is not useful at all character.
  • If you don’t have a stable internet connection don’t play that skill set.
  • Perry break in second time some time will not reduce enemy’s super armor.
II. Class recommendation:

Like all knuckle (gloves) skill and hidden weapon Devil's Palm skill sets will get damage boosting by Poison toad; Transcendence; Magnanimity, all inner of royal guard school and Five Element Mental. You can use Devil's Palm for Royal guard; Wudang; Tangmen; Shaolin; Emei.
    Questsions and answers:
  • Q: Why Rg (Royal guard) has choose for best one?
  • A: Bacause Rg have school inner and that boost damage for Devil's Palm in max school inner and Jianghu inner can boost 60% damage and it good for this skill.

III.Skill overview
Old icon
Old icon
Bodhisattva Seal
Old icon
Transformed Skill
Old icon
Old icon
Old icon
i can't found this skill set's icon so this icon is count as rage skill icon
IV Skill build/Play style
1.Old build
Style 1: Milk bringer/Support Style
Style 2: Undead Style
Style 3: Demark Gunner Style
2.New build
Style 1: Damage Focus Style
Style 2: Break Skill Style
V Mental skill

  • If you focus on dual arena must focus on crit mental skill which can shotgun your enemy to dead (shocking damaged) .
  • If you focus Survival and Support team fight, this skill set’s mental skill will be acceptable.

VI Combat strategy.

  • With fist style you can use this for team fight with healing and cc remover will help team alot range nomarl attack and rage skill help you dealing damage with your teamate.
  • In 2nd you are focus on dual pvp, max out of the parry skill you have 50% to get the buff energy Refund and you can use the heal skill and foget about energy cost.
  • With 3rd you are a read Markmen Shutdown some 1 in long range

Long range Combo: De enemy's super armor with ImageorImage>>>>ImageX2>>>>Image
wait 0.75 sec or Image X1if you have a good ping then shootImage
Melee Combo: Do like long range combo but replace waiting time withImageThen putImageafter
- Old build combos.
- If the Feint skill break def agian you shoot some normal attack and run because the 2nd break is not reduce enemy's S|armor (super armor)
- In Melee Combo you can putImageright after stun if your ping is good enough.
- In Long range combo max normal attack you can do is 3 but if you do it your ping must be good and you must know using Feint skill to canceling the 3rd normal attack.
- You can cut off you the normal attack if you ping is bad it make the combo safety but make the combo so soft and smaller damage.
- About rage skill you can put it right after you de armor of your enemy with your parry counter attack in last hit he win def but in that time you have light rage so it can't be effect in you using your feint to break he's counter attack
- News build combos.
Fist you do like long range combo in old build but replace the number of normal attack to 6 (this number maybe reduce because your ping) then put the Image in the end of combo if the feint break enemy's armor put 5x nomarl attack after and use the Meele combo (if you choose 2nd new build and your mana still more than 75%) then run out to wait your skill cd. When you choose the 1st new build use Image and run if it not break the def of enemy if it work do like old combo
VII Item Setup
One of skill sets can using with all set item in game. :D
  • Jade set: use New Moon; Broken Sky; High Wind; Purple Cloud; Starry Night all of them is useful for ours skill.
  • Gold set : MoonLight, Frosty, Guiyun; Alkaid is useful for that skill.

- Note

  • New Moon is the item set good for all skill set.
  • Broken Sky’s good for regen if you want poke your enermy.
  • High Wind’s help your overt skill more pain so it good too.
  • Starry Night reduce your overt cd i thing it is the “double edge” you can reduce your
    healing skill but it will take a ton of mana from you so careful if you want use this item set.
  • Purple Cloud give you some mana to cast the healing skill more time than usual.
  • About Gold item i love Guiyun set alot because it make Feint skill more hurt

VIII Item Refine
In this game that ones who focus on attack is stronger than defense ones is.
So This is some attributes what need for growing strength of Devil's Palm:

Weapon and jewelry refine attributes:
  • Attack power.
  • Base attack percentage.
  • Yin damage bonus.
  • Normal attack recovery energy (ring only)
  • Normal attack recovery life (weapon only)
  • Defense pen. (Necklace only)
  • Max hp/Defense (one of them).
  • Crit rate.

Armor refine attributes:
  • Attack power.
  • Crit reduction.
  • Damage pen. (Pants only)
  • Damage reduction. (Cloth only)
  • Evasion. (Shoes only)
  • Max hp pecentage/Defense. (One of them)

Higher tier as Possible.
IIX Videos
My old build video

My New build videos
So that is all for to day if you want for more infomation or some thing just left the comment below i will answers as fast as i can. Thanks for reading and Good bye for now.
P/s: I'm on my way to Play all skill set in this game, I will share all my knowledge about that for anybody here who reading my guides but Ancient skill set is too expensive for me if anybody who have Taichi fist, Dragon Claw, Feral Staff pm me and please let me borrowed i will show you guy some interesting, Which maybe come out in the end of this series. :?
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User avatar 2.HyugaHiori » Sat May 07, 2016 7:53 am

More skill build, combos, Video Updated :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Sever: Sea S3 - Sword
IGN : Hiori
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Playing this game for many year same with Subway Surfers online game. Hope that there will be third skill set in future update.

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