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I was attacked in the market and wanted to know how to attack the same player I see there. The next time I saw him I couldn't attack him.

User avatar 2.Man_Humping_Goat » Tue May 17, 2016 3:21 pm

In the top left corner below your characters icon. There is a button that will initially say "Peace"
Click on this and a window will appear with 3 tabs on the left. Peace Mode, Jianghu Mode and Infamy Mode.
On the right are buttons for different protection modes so you dont accidentally kill someone.

When in peace mode you can only attack people that are attacking you.

Jianghu mode:
This is where you are able to attack people, but you have to understand how the protection buttons work.
If a button is active, you will not be able to attack that type of person.
Guild- this protects your guild mates from your wrath
School- you can not attack anyone in your school (Emei, Tangmen, WU...)
Friend- you can not attack anyone in your friends list
Civilian- you can not attack anyone that is in peace mode
Group attack- you can only attack the person you have selected (provided they do not clash with any other protections),
Alliance- this is for a function that has not yet been released.

Infamy mode: When you kill someone that is in peace mode, you gain 4 infamy. This is why you should always leave civilian protection on. If you collect 20 infamy, you will enter infamy mode. Your name will turn red, and if you die you will go to jail.

Jail: When you are in jail, you will loose 1 infamy for every minuet that you are alive. So if you die 59 seconds in, the 1 min timer starts again. If there are a lot of people fighting in jail, you could be there a very long time.
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