Tangmen School Martial Arts - Viper Sting

1.spamchamp001@gmail.com » Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:22 am

From my point of view, I think that Snail should re-balance the skill sets. The problem is that the Tangmen skill set is ABSOLUTELY USELESS compared to other school skills. Now, I say this as an experienced player who has been part of this game for almost a year. I know that there are frequent balance changes, but, I have noticed that the Viper Sting skill set has been nerfed to the point it practically has no use. Compared to the other schools' skills, say, Royal Guards', Soul Vengeance, it can be seen that Viper Sting stuggles in: building rage as fast, and targeting multiple or single enemies. The thing that bugs me alot about Viper Sting is that there is NO ability for the user to LEAP and damage an opponent. You FREQUENTLY have to use your flying skills DURING battle, which ends up in a 2 second loss of damage output and rage build up. The other thing is that even though Tangmen has a great rage skill, IT BARELY MAKES ANY HITS. Bare the Fangs rage skill does not 'pull' any players towards them to deal damage, and hence the 4th upgrade which allows for 60% crit rate is garbage. The last thing is that the auto skill (normal attack that replenishes energy) HAS 2 SECOND DELAYS between each hit. Lucid Frenzy DOES make you attack faster for like 3 seconds, but this is USELESS when you have 2 second delays BETWEEN EACH HIT. A player using Viper Sting, AT MOST, only makes about 3-4 auto attack hits on his opponent before they get countered. Now... You all may be saying that if ALL these problems were to be fixed, then Viper Sting would be too op. Well guess what? Why don't you all take a look at the Royal Guards and their skill that takes half the time to build rage and kill a player?! To wrap this up, I want Snail to consider re-balancing this skill set and fix some of its issues, or nerf other skill sets. The way I see it, the Royal Guard's skill is practically no less than an Ancient Skill set. Right now, there is no balance between School Skills...

2.GoodBoiClek » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:14 pm

Does this school practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
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