Faction War --- RAWWWWRRRR!!!

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:lol: the title speaks for itself i think.

Not to disparage all the players in the earlier servers because obviously you've all spent time and effort to build your characters up and all, but still what the heck...It's rare that I can get into a Faction War that has an equal balance of strong and weak in the respective teams (i can literally count on like...1 finger...and no, it's not the middle one either...:lol:)

We all always approach FW with a sense of caution - we get drafted into the team with the God-like players, we rejoice (while the other team gnashes their teeth in frustration), and alas for me, i've been on the other end more often than not. T__T much woe is me...

SNAIL needs to relook at how the level/power distribution is done for such wars. I find it more fun when both sides are equally matched, because then it really becomes a proper battle, and not just everyone running in and dying almost immediately from Tai Chi Fist or something.

Maybe everyone else would also like to post your thoughts and experiences on Faction War on this thread :)

My best memory so far - logging in mid-way through, and still managing to kill the Battle Lord and reap the rewards - and I managed that feat only because there were hardly any other players logged in for that particular war mwahahahaha....
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