Mineral crusher and grinding mill in thailand

1.goldmine » Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:55 am

Thailand, Located in the south of indochina, facing the Pacific on the east and Indian west, is tropical monsoon climate. Annual temperature is between 24 to 30? There is mountains in the west of Thailand and Khorat Plateau in the North east.
The minerals in Thailand are mainly sylvite, tin, lignite, zinc, lead, tungsten, iron, antimony, chrome, barytes, diamonds and mineral oil. Among these minerals, the reserve of sylvite is more than 43 million tons, ranking first place in the world, and the reserve of tin shares 12% of the whole world.
Exports are the dominant economic sources of Thailand, including minerals,diamonds, agriculture, etc. our company company has been researching crushers and dolomite mill for more than 20 years. The RD laboratory is founded and make a significant development. New types of crushers and grinding mills are successfully developed and exported to more than 100 countries. Our crusher and grinding mill are popular in Thailand.

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