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1.Beanstalk » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:27 am

Hey guys.

So i've been training my Emei for quite awhile now, and am at an impasse as to which JiangHu internal i should use or which Secondary Martial Art skill to even equip.

I currently have:
Departing Sting
No secondary.

Internal Skills
Flying Crescent
No Jiang Hu internal.

Mental Equips
Emei Heart
Five Talismans

My current Mental Skill in use is Emei School Mental Skill (The shield aura thingey).

To continue progressing and increasing my power, i obviously need to at least invest in a Jiang Hu internal.
Any recommendations?

User avatar 2.Quilava » Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:59 pm

Ice pact is what you are looking for, it gives 40% bonus dmg at echelon 9 (max lvl 6 i'm sorry). Atm you can get 30% bonus dmg by Ice pact, and the bonus part is that you can buy it at the Jianghu Adventure Shop.

Hope it helped! :D
IGN: Quilava
School: Shaolin
Server: EU 2 Ruined Valley

3.230459853963062 » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:59 am

Explosive thunder mental art is great if you want to be efficient in killing people

4.h0kage emei » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:07 pm

Emei Lvl 55 Player here
I Have the following
Skills:Mount Hua\Departing Sting\Yanyang Blade\ Drunken Fists\Devil Palm
Internal:Flying Cresecent\Emei Heart\Five Talisman\WudangPoise\CEnterdness\TangmeanFercity\Xuanyuan way
JiangHu Skills =Ice Pact\Poison toad \red blade.
Currently i am using
Set : Mount Hua Sword and Departing Sting
Internal :Flying Crescent and Ice Pact
Mental Equip:Emei Heart and Five Talismans
My current Mental Skill in use is: Emei School Mental Skill
Q1 : Which mental skills is better ?
1)Emei School Mental Skill
2)Wait Patientlly
3)EXplosive Thunder ?
Q2: Weapons choice; Which is more suitable for me ?
Mount Hua Power level =22105+echlon3
Departing Sting Power level =41400++echlon5
Yanyang Blade Power level =35005 ++echlon5

Personally i feel that Mount hua seem better then yanyang blade when i am using it .BUT

If i want to using Emei School Mental Skill then i have to give up on EXplosive Thunder
which seem ver hard to decide
Q3)Let say i decide on EXplosive Thunder Which MEntal skill should i be using for my 2nd mental skill..

Thanks for all the advice given .

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