Royal Guard parry counterattack

1.FlyingWombat2 » Fri May 13, 2016 9:19 pm

Why was RG counterattack nerfed? It used to do 3 hits, now it only does one. Before the nerf, i could use it when my opponent closes the distance on me and it would knock them further away from me with each hit, giving myself breathing room and then punishing them with the ranged capabilities of my chains right after. Now it only does one hit and doesn't even hit them back far enough. They are still in melee range. Why would you mess with something no one complained about but do absolutely nothing to tai chi sword???

And since we're talking about swords, why doesn't their damage get decreased by any internal skills? Its bad enough that can't do anything about a wudang dancing with your soon to be corpse in the air, but you can't even decrease its damage done to you???

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