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1.xReyamu » Sat May 21, 2016 7:18 pm


I found this game on google play and I really love it.

I wanted to play on EU server and I noticed there are 2

My questions are :

1. Which EU server is more populated, EU1 or EU2?

2. What class you suggest for PVP?

3. Is there any class that is good in PVP but good in PVE too?

4. Any tips as new player?:P *ignoring $$ part :) *

Thank you if you will answer my questions, any reply will be very appreciated.

2.Fahai888 » Sun May 22, 2016 8:14 am

Hi u new player, i gonna answer u based on my own experience (i play this game since the very beginning).
I played a Shaolin to lvl60 on EU1, now i'm playing a Rg (lvl68 atm) on EU2.

1/ I played on both EU 1 and 2, and i feel EU1 is more populated, maybe coz it was the first server online in EU.
But if u want to reach competitive, choose EU2 coz there are less high powered players compared to EU1, so u would have a better chance to be on the top.

2/ For pvp, tangmen/wudang/Rg are cool.
- Tangmen has a 3sec stun!
- Wudang has healing, and very good combo coz of many existing sword skills.
- Royal guard has the best damage output overall.

3/ My heart goes to Rg, coz as i said they got the best dps. And PVE in this game means DPS!

4/ Try to lvl up ur character, ur school skill and school inner (try to get ASAP the 3rd one, which gives the best stats), if u can try to have at least Cold moon cloak (u could have this for the first top-up, even for 0,99euros), look at top players stuff to see how they are playing their character, read forums for guide and tips, u could eventually ask questions in game, players would mostly answer u, etc...

Good game to u, enjoy :)
IGN = Ev3r
Server = EU
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