No further Bug report support?

1.jingbadguy » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:25 am

:oops: So... my question for now is, are bug reports nolonger being viewed or getting a responce? I myself have submitted a few and some very important ones as well as a multitude of suggestions for beter game play and functionality yeet for the last few days not a single responce even to say "hey thanks for posting Ill inform the powers that be". Ive noticced several mods that have been done to the game by players using hack tools... Such as unlimited mana... and recently been informed of a mod that allowed players to ignore costs of items in shops such as the items in the gold shop and pawn shop. Also a CRUCIAL exploit to the game within the Wushu Arena system...
With the game reaching the OBS status within the next day or so, I have to question wether or not the game is even ready for open beta.
I've worked on many games over the years such as Ultima online, Ragnarok Online(international), World of warcraft, Dead Frontier and many console games. And with all of these games, much care was taken before the game went public. I'm already hearing the screams of "THis is a pay to win game" in the chat... As if its not enough hearing that, but to have exploit users and mod users... makes me feel less and less certain about a game i have enjoyed and waited for.
I hope that things dont turn out porely and look forward to a posssiable good future if taken serriously.

Atom Bennett
aka:Dweezel lvl 46 wudang #3 level ranking #3 Sky Arena
us beta server

2.Buddha Heart Palm » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:48 am


Dear Player. Thanks for contacting and we are sorry for the late reply. However, we want you to know that we are still working on supporting the game. We do not always have time to respond to every single bug report post, but we are in fact reading and recording them, and looking to implement the apropriate fixes, as well as considering the great suggestions people are making.

If you have any bug or feedback to report and would like to follow up, you can also always contact us by email: We check this email constantly, and will respond as quickly as we can to specific technical problems and bug reporst there.

Thanks and best Regards,
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