Entire House Remodel

1.JasinSwift » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:46 pm

I Bought a house at the beginning of the year that was in super rough shape. The previous owner was a senile old cat lady who smoked indoors and had literally dozen of cats in the house who were allowed to piss everywhere. The old lady died in the house and no one knew until the neighbor smelled her. Hazmat team had to remove rotting old lady and rotting cat corpses. I did the entire project myself over the course of 4 months. I was out of town for one month in the middle for work but otherwise worked full time in the house for 3 months. I had some experience with laying floors and painting, but everything else was my first try - drywall, tiling, cabinets, roof penetrations, etc. With this company https://kitchensacramento.com in Sacramento, we doing my renovation.

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