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Few reasons to why it is a necessary step in for frontier email settings on android to adjust the outgoing port number. You might notice that your frontier mail application hasn't been sending since you first set it up, or you might realize that it's been sending for a long time and you're having errors now.
Common symptoms of having an outgoing port number have changed:
* Mail can still be sent, but when you send messages an error occurs. When you verify frontier email settings it the name of the outgoing server is correctly typed. The error can mean that the program can not link to your outgoing database and contact your system manager or provider of Internet service.
* Your messages gather in the outbox are not getting any noticeable errors.
The reason may be that the outgoing port number is wrong or obscured in both cases. Most ISPs already limit the default outgoing port set up automatically by many mail users. (Port 25) This is done to protect users from spam and viruses that attach infected machines to the standard ports. The question can usually be fixed by switching the port to either 2525 or 587.
With an action to protect the network, the inner virus scanning program or firewall can do the same.
Whether you're going to be troubleshooting or setting up your mail client for the first time, these directions should direct you through a vital part of making sure you're sending mail successfully.
Until you begin

1 Make sure you have the following data: Before you start this guide you will set up
- The email address
-Username Internet Web.
2 Swipe up
3 Choose your mobile Samsung
4 email
5 After entering your email ID & password.
Choose SIGN IN
6 Choose your POP3 or IMAP account

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