Pawn shop deception

1.103417637942843101522 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:16 pm

After spending quite a bit of tokens and gold refreshing the pawn shop I've noticed I've been missing out on all the items available. On most screens that you can scroll in the Age of Wushu game for mobile, the last graphic at the bottom of the screen is cut off. This gives the player a clue there is more on the screen to look at, and that you should scroll the screen up. If a player visits the pawn shop, they see a clean cut view of 6 items. There is no indication that there are actually 8 items to look at, no scroll bar, no break in the graphic.

Please fix the view of the pawn shop so that other players will not get shafted on their experience buying gold or spending tokens in the pawn shop. Personally I've missed out on viewing 200 items or more in the pawn shop because I didn't know you could scroll the screen.. Maybe that's my bad.. But as a gamer, this looks to be very deceptive compared to how other screens and menus are displayed throughout the game.

QiXingQuan on US S1
Playing on motorola droid turbo 2

2.A1001010110 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:38 pm

I had this issue.. first week of beta =//
Its not the pawn shop that is "deceptive" though, anywhere else is also like that so.. and adding more visual indicators just clutters the already small mobile screen. just give em a big finger and play on :roll:
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