Problème with thé lvl boost » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:11 am

Hi dear moderators,

First, i would like to apologize about my ( eventually ) bad english ans i wish u could understanding me.

Thé reason why i take the Time to whrite you is reffering to thé level bonus.
That will make around more than 6 mount i'm playing on this game ( âge of wushu )and every day... and i unfortunally didnt UP lvl 45 before the 14 december because i wanted to take my Time to increase my toon's power.
And now, im very dessipointed because i couldt using thé level boost for that reason...

Its why i wanted to whriting to you to have, if you want, to give me the opportunity to use the bonus because i'm playing on this game evry day and since more than 6 mounth ago.
Im feeling to bé disavantaged comparate to other players on the PvP for exemple

Whatever, i would like to thanks you for your attention and for you help about my message...

PS: il playing on thé US-s18 yanmeb pass serveur and m'y toon Bâle is Halphard

Bye :(

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