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Plot Quest
Wanderer (Age of Wushu Record)

Players progress through Age of Wushu quest by quest.
Amount: 3 Prologue levels + (7 Chapters×7 levels in each Chapter) ×2 Difficulty levels (Easy, Hard) = 101 levels

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1. Solo adventure spanning 7 chapters
2. Different levels have different gameplay modes: Defense, Peerless, Survival, Time Limit, and Assassination.
3. More stars means greater rewards! When the amount of stars players get for each chapter reaches 7, 14, and 21, they will get Treasure Chests 3 times.

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1. Single Player Campaign
2. Levels can be refreshed 5 times daily. Running levels multiple times is a good way to get Experience, Money, Cultivation, and Materials in the game.

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