[Master Guide] My Guide to Wushu

1.Jaydillah » Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:01 pm

JAYDILLAH'S 1-2-3 Guide to Wushu.

Thought i’d write a piece on how to get stronger character and ultimately help your Guild.
Additions are more than welcome, as its not a perfect guide to the game, just what I have come across as helpful to me.

Step 1. DONATE

Donations will give your Guild Cultivation Points that you can spend in Guild shop, to boost Attack, Health Points or buy Pawn Tokens to refresh Pawnshop.
It also helps your Guild expand (more members) and boosting Elegant Pavillon with items and levels of % att/hp boosts.

Step 2 . Buy GOLD
Obviously Gold can be spend in many ways, some ways are useless and therefore should be left out if you want MAXIMUM value for your hard earned money.
Profit King is absolutely the best way to go, if you dont wanna break the bank. 50 dollars will give you 9000 gold.

I spend my gold like this:

Only a few GOOD ways to spend gold, patience is key and a lot of these things can be obtained through daily challenges.

- Enhancement materials such as Pearls, Pupil Ingots and Xuewen Satins or further enhanced materials (Black Burning Ingot, Forging Stones etc).
These materials allow you to enhance your equipment and will make a remarkable difference in powerscore, crits, damage and damage reduction.

- Packs! Well since Snail decided to remove the spend tab, they introduced Packs. Some packs actually holds some very valuable items, i guess it depends on what your looking for.
But be aware, some packs is utter garbage!
ex. At the moment i am looking to improve my Treasures (not very sexy upgrades), its not powerscore jumpers like enhancements, but VERY important upgrades. So i look for packs containing Large Elemental Stones. I can of course ‘just’ rely on Jianghu Legend and Battlefield, but the packs i get is usually around 100-200 gold, and thats ok for me.

- Looms, Work Kits and Chopping Blocks. These are the very building blocks of jade sets...expensive yes, but impossible to ignore.

Ohhh where to start? Theres plenty of opportunities for a 'swing and miss'.

- Outfits. Not a day goes by without me regretting spending 980 gold on a useless outfit. Same goes for weapons, luckily I have not got one of those.

- Refresh pawnshop with gold, yes the final shard to complete jade set is worth refreshing for. But general refresh tends to be dull and not worth your gold.

- Temple fair. Yes you can get lucky, you can also end up spending thousands of gold for nothing. Just light a Lantern every 48 hours and you will be fine.

- Stem chests. Same story.

Step 3. Not all is GOLD
Haters and nay-sayer will call this game Pay2Win, I say Play2Win. Yes Gold can get you far, but it WILL NOT teach you how to play smart.

Smart Plays:
- Spy/Patrol are essentials to get your character strong, I mean what good are you with 50.000 gold cape if you have Tai Chi Sword T3 and low level inners. Blinded by the glitter.
You should be able to get 7-20 School Scrolls EVERYDAY (except Thursday) from patrol, spy and kills in School Raid.
Guild members usually are very nice to help out getting these missions done very fast.

- Upgrading Treasure, yes here I go again about treasure. Arcane Treasure Set equipped on all 7 set items will get you really strong and good percentages in damage, critical and reduction.
By all means DO NOT get Radiant Treasure Set, it comes with a Set Bonus, but its garbage! Cloud or Dark treasure are a lot better.

- Crafting. Craft with a idea of what you want, If ur are looking to improve you defence, focus on getting the right materials done for that upgrade. Too widespread focus will get you confused.

- Select skill sets. Skills are fun, but most skills learned has no use. ONLY upgrade the school skill set, and 2nd weapon skill. But KEEP ON collecting scrolls, you never know when you have enough scrolls to get Snow Sword Echelon 7 (T7).

- Internal Skills. Same story, Get School Internals, will give you weapon boosts, rage points and generally help you improve your character.

- Mental Skills. Look to get the right combination of skills equipped to unlock mental skills, ex. Red Blade, Five Talismans, Wudang Poise and YanYang Blade unlocks Explosive Thunder (Critical Hit Overload)

- Tyrants (if you can). Well we all know that one dont we?

- World Challengers. If you have a Cloak/Cape then try and get the enhancements to 6/6. HOW? Kill World Challengers scattered across Jiangnan, Southwest and Central Plains.
Dendrites and Nine Cloud Satins are needed for upgrade.

- Sets (Gold & Jade). Gold set like Frosty (Ling Frost) will give your character a HP Max limit 150% and Basic Attack 150%. Special effect is a 11% Feint Damage Increase.
Gold sets are not hard to obtain, and everyone should at least try and get one. Moonlight, Skylake, Alkaid and Guiyun are the other Gold sets.
But WHERE? Pawnshop, equipment shards packs from Taihu Palace, HuanHua Sword Sect and Endless Dungeon.
Facts: Gold equipment requires 5/5 to synthesise, Jade items requires 10/10.

- Login daily. Collect daily rewards, drink from tavern, eat meat, send/recieve Vigor. Sharing game via facebook gives you a Large Vigor Pill everyday.

- Pawnshop and how to get tickets and tokens. Synthesize items and sell for ticket, also useless scrolls can be sold for tickets. Tokens can be bought from Cash shop (dont), Guild shop (Do) and from Wulin arena for Wulin Reputation points.

- Sky and Hua Arena. REWARDS!!

- Guild events, like Wars and Raids, not only required by Leaders, but it also gives you rewards and respect.

- Creating a Team for Trials, Adventures, Demon Challenges and Spy/Patrol missions will help you finish daily activity fast and reliable. Bonus is that 2 other Guild Mates get it done as fast as you.

- Spar. It will keep you sharp in battle.

- Help. Help will get you respect and people are likely to return the favour. Having friends outside of your Guild is never a bad thing.

- Reset. Staying up for Reset will create the best chances of getting a team, and be over with daily activity fast.

- Trials.

Money Tree: Parry Bombs instead of trying to avoid them, bombs also blows up silver, so actually some bombs are good. Try only to use normal attack on tree until you build up rage.

Dark Stone Mine: 2 players should target imp, the other should smash crystals. Try to keep imp in middle as you increase chance of hitting crystals while targeting imp.

High Cloud Cave: Treasure chests ALWAYS spawn in the same order, learn them and u will get 18/18 every time.

Treasure Hunt: Only kill black Ninjas for treasure. Killing green and blue imps will reduce your time by 2-3 seconds.

Dumbass Plays:

- PK random people. It will haunt you.

- Being a Jackass in world chat.


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5.tom2@yopmail.com » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:37 am

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