A goldigging update and that's all

1.latatero » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:14 pm

I understand that the purpose of this game is to make money, I'm not naive. But to be honest, this update has made it so in our faces that it is very annoying and unnecessary. it's not just that now you need gold for everything and is EVEN MORE designed for Top-uppers to rule the game but now you ruin the good parts of the game. Fail percentages on everything, gold sales on the pawnshop taking away the already few spots for jade shards and scrolls (literally many Pawnshop trips are now 100% cultivation and refining materials), you even took away the double gold first times for top uppers (not that the double gold counted for rewards anyways).

You could've done way better with this update and show that you actually cared at least a little about your users and their experience (make patrol entertaining no?). Cluttering the game with more ways to take our money wasn't subtle at all. A little UX can go a long way.

Only one more thing, before server merge, please make sure you have enough resources to keep everyone entertained. Even right now the fight for Tyrants and World Challenger leave a lot of people disappointed. Please try to come up with useful ways to improve the game, past the money aspect of it.

It is a game we love and spend a lot of time in. Please stop ruining it.

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